The National Science Board (NSB) extends its appreciation to the staff of the National Science Foundation and to the many others, too numerous to list individually, who contributed to the preparation of this report.

Primary responsibility for the production of the volume was assigned to Beethika Khan, Director, Science and Engineering Indicators Program of the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES); John R. Gawalt, Director, NCSES; and the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences under the leadership of Fay Lomax Cook. The authors were

    Overview. Beethika Khan, Carol Robbins, NCSES

    Chapter 1. Susan L. Rotermund, RTI International; Peter Muhlberger, NCSES

    Chapter 2. Jaquelina C. Falkenheim, NCSES

    Chapter 3. Amy Burke, NCSES

    Chapter 4. Mark Boroush, NCSES

    Chapter 5. Katherine Hale, Karen White, Carol Robbins, Michael Gibbons, NCSES; Christina Freyman, SRI International

    Chapter 6. Derek Hill, NCSES

    Chapter 7. John Besley, Michigan State University; Peter Muhlberger, NCSES

    Chapter 8. Carol Robbins, Mark Boroush, Derek Hill, NCSES

    State Indicators. Jock Black, NCSES; Christina Freyman, Steve Deitz, SRI International

The volume benefited from extensive contributions from NCSES staff. The NCSES leadership team and NCSES survey managers, statisticians, and analysts ensured availability of data, often under stringent deadlines: Ronda Britt, Mark Fiegener, John Finamore, Daniel Foley, John Jankowski, Kelly Kang, Flora Lan, Audrey Kindlon, Kelly Phou, Lynn Milan, Christopher Pece, Mark Regets, Emilda B. Rivers, Raymond M. Wolfe, and Michael Yamaner. Samson Adeshiyan, Jock Black, Wan-Ying Chang, Rebecca Morrison, Patricia Ruggles, and Darius Singpurwalla provided advice on statistical or data presentation issues. Jaquelina Falkenheim, Katherine Hale, and Karen White served administrative as well as authorship roles. Jacqueline Durham assisted in acquiring data from outside sources, and Malia Hairston provided administrative support.

May Aydin, Catherine Corlies, and Rajinder Raut coordinated the report’s publication process and managed the development of its digital platform. Christine Hamel and Tanya Gore conducted editorial and composition review. Tiffany Julian coordinated the production of the State Indicators data tool with staff at SRI International and Alley Interactive.

August Gering, Marceline Murawski, and Nathan Yates led the editing team at RTI International: Michelle Back, August Gering, Thien Lam, Amy Morrow, Margaret Smith, Linda Wilson, and Nathan Yates. Drew Mitchell of OmniStudio, Inc., led the team of Cristina Ramos, Kathy Foltin, Elina Shapsay, and Jason Shaffer in design services that included report covers, website review, and creation of special figures. Staff at Penobscot Bay Media, LLC (Penbay Media), created the 2018 report site. The team of Josh Belanger, Josh Blaisdell, Michael Doolen, Kelly Hokkanen, Heidi Hunt, Cristina Galli, Dan Kemish, Bansari Patidar, Carl Trapani, Val Schmitt, and Caleb Winslow developed a content management system to publish Indicators as a digital report.

The National Science Board (Board) is especially grateful to the Committee on National Science and Engineering Policy for overseeing preparation of the volume and to the National Science Board Office (Board Office), under the direction of Michael Van Woert (2010–17) and John Veysey (2017–present), which provided vital coordination throughout the project. Reba Bandyopadhyay provided helpful input and support. Nadine Lymn led the outreach and dissemination efforts. Matthew Wilson served as Board Office Liaison to the committee. Nirmala Kannankutty (2009–17), Beethika Khan (2015–present), Carol Robbins (2017–present), and Paul Filmer (2017–present) were the Executive Secretaries.