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NSF History - Publications

National Science Foundation Act of 1950 (PDF, 30KB)
This legislation, Public Law 81-507, signed by President Harry S. Truman on May 10, 1950, established the National Science Foundation.

Annual Reports
Since 1951, NSF has published a yearly report presenting some of the highlights and research results that occurred in the previous fiscal year.

A Timeline of NSF History
NSF history by decade

Science - The Endless Frontier
A report to the President by Vannevar Bush, Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, July 1945.

The National Science Foundation: A Brief History
A report by George T. Mazuzan, Former NSF Historian, Office of Legislative and Public Affairs, July 15, 1994. (General Publication, NSF8816, 1994)

Selected Bibliography of the National Science Foundation
Includes general histories of NSF and publications about NSF's impact on specific disciplines and fields.

Mosaic Science Magazine
An online archive of articles published in NSF's flagship magazine from 1970 to 1992.

Address to the Centennial Anniversary AAAS
President Harry S. Truman's September, 1948 speech to the Centennial AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. This speech is credited with giving rise to NSF's creation.

State of the Union Address (Excerpt 1) (Excerpt 2)
Excerpts from the Address Delivered by President Harry S. Truman on January 4, 1950.