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NSF History - 50th Anniversary Celebration

The following articles, publications and videos are from NSF's 50th anniversary celebration.

America's Investment in the Future (the book)
Published for NSF's 50th anniversary, the book highlights some of the achievements and benefits that have resulted from the foundation's investments in science and engineering over the years.

Welcome to the National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries Begin (the video)
A brief video showcasing NSF and its mission, explaining who we are, what we do, and why our work is important to everyone.

Nifty 50
NSF-funded inventions, innovations and discoveries that have become commonplace in our lives.

Inventing US Science Policy
By William A. Blanpied
Reprinted with permission from William A. Blanpied, "Inventing US Science Policy,"
Physics Today, 51(2), February 1998, pp 34-40. Copyright 1998 American Institute of Physics.

The National Science Foundation Class of 1952
William A. Blanpied, Division of International Programs/National Science Foundation