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Selected Speeches by Former NSF Director Neal Lane

1998 | 1997 | 1996


May 1, 1998
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Meeting

February 13, 1998
"A New Bounty and Its New Demands"
Affiliates Meeting, American Association for the Advancement of Science

February 2, 1998
Community Briefing -- FY 1999 Budget
Also see: Related Slides.

February 2, 1998
Release of the President's FY 1999 Budget Request
White House Conference Center



December 15, 1997
"'Tis Better to Give and Receive: Benefits of Data Sharing for Research and Education"
Plenary Address, Conference on Scientific and Technical Data Exchange and Integration, National Institutes of Health

December 2, 1997
"Science and Technology: The Key to Opening the New Century"
Remarks, NSF EPSCoR Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana

November 24, 1997
NSF Director Neal Lane and Acting Deputy Director Joseph Bordogna, General Staff Meeting

November 7, 1997
Welcoming Remarks
Official Launch of the SINGAREN-vBNS Linkup, Washington, DC

October 18, 1997
"Science and Technology: A Center Stage for Learning"
ASTC Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri

October 17, 1997
"The Changing Face of Science"
Washington University

October 11, 1997
"Biology: Everybody's Science Everyday"
National Association of Biology Teachers

October 9, 1997
"The NSF Role in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education: Will Traditions Survive the Tests of Time?"
National Science Board Convocation On Graduate and Postdoctoral Education, Houston, Texas

October 3, 1997
Remarks to IRIS Consortium Workshop

September 25, 1997
"Advancing the Public Interest through Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence"
Opening Remarks, National Academy of Sciences

July 23, 1997
The Coordination of Federal Science and Math Education Programs, Before the House Science Committee

July 14, 1997
Fermi Lab Users Group, Annual Meeting

June 6, 1997
Luncheon Remarks to the American Chemical Society
Board of Directors Government Relations Retreat, Belmont, MD

June 2, 1997
"NSF and the Integration of Research and Education"
Meeting of the Arctic Forum

June 1997
"Let's Get the Word Out Together About Why Science Matters"
An Open Letter from Neal F. Lane, Director, National Science Foundation, to Scientists and Engineers

April 30, 1997
White House Fellows Luncheon

April 22, 1997
"Double Helixes and Double-Edged Swords: Cloning and the Conundrum of Scientific Success"
National Press Club

April 16, 1997
"Let's Blow Our Horns: Why We Must Trumpet the Triumphs of Research in American Higher Education"
Keynote Address, Conference on "Effective Techniques for Communicating University Research," Council for Advancement and Support of Education

April 14, 1997
"Double Helixes and Double-Edged Swords"
Ninth International Conference on Genes, Gene Families, and Isozymes

April 10, 1997
Before the VA, HUD, & Independent Agencies Subcommittee

April 9, 1997
Before the House Science Committee, Subcommittee on Basic Research Hearing on the Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure Program (PACI)

March 24, 1997
Luncheon Address
AAU Public Affairs Officers Meeting

March 16, 1997
"Where Will We Get Tomorrow's Innovations?"
Plenary Session - Pittcon '97, "Research Partnerships for Competitive Technology, " Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Atlanta, Georgia

March 6, 1997
Dinner Remarks At NCAR Labs

March 6, 1997
Faculty Symposium At Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO

March 5, 1997
Before the Subcommittee on Basic Research of the House Science Committee, Washington, DC

March 3, 1997
Remarks on the FY 1998 NSF Budget
University Outreach Meeting

February 24, 1997
Panel Discussion
Federal Priorities: Optimizing R&D Budget Resources, California and The Future of American Innovation, Challenges for Universities, Industry, and National Laboratories, San Diego, California

February 14, 1997
"Science: Stepchild Or Superstar"
AAAS Annual Meeting On Engaging Science, Sustaining Society, Seattle, WA

February 12, 1997
NSF Graduate Minority Fellowships Panel
National Science Foundation

February 6, 1997
Fiscal Year 1998 Budget Request
National Science Foundation

February 6, 1997
Slide Presentation
Accompanying Fiscal Year 1998 Budget Request, National Science Foundation
Note: You need a Power Point compatible graphic program to read the .ppt formated files. You may need to configure your browser to recognize .ppt files as Power Point.

February 4, 1997
"Research Investments: Past Performance and Future Forecasts"
Luncheon Address, American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California

January 13, 1997
All Hands Meeting
National Science Foundation

January 10, 1997
"Problem Solving in Complex Societies"
Plenary Address on Government and Public Affairs, Annual Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Diego, California



December 6, 1996
"Science and Progress: Lofty Or Level-Headed"
Remarks, California Commonwealth Club

November 14, 1996
"The Dream of a Common Language: Making the Science Non-Science Bridge"
Rice University Scientia Talk

November 13, 1996
"Secrets of Scientific Success: It Takes a System"
The Second Annual Harold E. Rorschach Memorial Lecture, Rice University

November 1, 1996
"The Obvious and the Overlooked"
Keynote Address, Workshop on Graduate Education in Astronomy, American Astronomical Society

October 23, 1996
Welcoming Remarks
Student-Scientist Partnerships Conference

October 10, 1996
Montgomery College High Technology and Science Center, Germantown, MD

September 25, 1996
Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring

September 25, 1996
"Mentoring for the Twenty-First Century: A Symposium," Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering

September 24, 1996
"What Einstein Said That We Did Not Hear"
25th General Assembly of International Council of Scientific Unions, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC

September 20, 1996
Keynote Address
50th Anniversary Celebration of the School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University

September 18, 1996
National Air and Space Museum Opening Exhibit

September 16, 1996
General Session of the EPSCoR Conference, Washington, DC

September 13, 1996
Minority Postdoctoral Fellows Meeting

September 12, 1996
Address to Faculty
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 11, 1996
Welcoming Remarks
American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) National Videoconference, Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, VA

September 10, 1996
Farewell Reception Honoring Dr. Anne Petersen

September 10, 1996
Commerce Science And Technology
Fellowship Program

September 6, 1996
Physics Colloquium
The University of Wisconsin

August 8, 1996
Introducing Dr. Richard Zare's Lecture
"Life on Mars"

August 7, 1996
The Announcement Regarding Possible Early Life on Mars

August 2, 1996
Banquet Address
International Conference on Undergraduate Physics Education, University of Maryland

July 25, 1996
Welcoming Remarks
Introduction of Jack Gibbons at the Dinner for National Medals of Science and Technology

July 25, 1996
Arlington Rotary Club, Washington Golf and Country Club

July 12, 1996
Plenary Address
Shaping the Future: Strategies for Revitalizing Undergraduate Education, Washington, DC

June 20, 1996
Welcoming Address
EHR National Conference, Dynamic Partnerships: Seeding and Sustaining Education Reform, Washington, DC

June 11, 1996
Workshop on NSF Recognition Awards for Integrating Research and Education, Washington, DC

June 10, 1996
Plenary Session: Mandate for Change, Federal Demonstration Project, Phase III, Kickoff Meeting, National Academy of Sciences

May 31, 1996
Montana EPSCoR Meeting

May 28, 1996
Conference on California Coalition for Science and Technology, Sacramento, California

May 22, 1996
Internationality of Research Symposium, Max-Planck Gesellschaft, Munich, Germany

May 10, 1996
Welcoming Remarks
Introduction of Jack Gibbons at the Awards Ceremony, Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

April 19, 1996
AAAS Colloquium On Science And Technology Policy, Washington, DC

April 8, 1996
Rutgers University

March 15, 1996
Scripps Institute, San Diego, California

March 14, 1996
International Conference on Education in Manufacturing, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

March 6, 1996
Subcommittee On VA, HUD, And Independent Agencies House Committee On Appropriations

February 9, 1996



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