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Making Stuff: Faster, Wilder, Colder, and Safer

David Pogue, host of Making Stuff 2

In this four-part "Making Stuff" special, technology columnist and best-selling author David Pogue takes a wild ride through the cutting-edge science that is powering the next wave of technological innovation. Pogue meets the scientists and engineers who are plunging to the bottom of the temperature scale, finding design inspiration in nature, and breaking every speed limit to make tomorrow's stuff "faster," "wilder," "colder" and "safer."

In "Making Stuff Faster," Pogue investigates human's fascination with speed, examining everything from electric muscle cars and the America’s cup sailboat to bicycles that smash speed records. In "Making Stuff Wilder," Pogue travels the globe to find the world’s wildest new inventions and technologies, from robotic "mules" and "cheetahs" for the military to fabrics born out of fish slime. In "Making Stuff Colder," he explores the frontiers of cold science, from saving the lives of severe trauma patients to ultracold physics, where bizarre new properties of matter are the norm and the basis of new technologies like levitating trains and quantum computers. And in "Making Stuff Safer," cutting-edge research aimed at keeping us out of harm’s way such as new firefighting materials and safer buildings is explored.

Watch episodes of "Making Stuff" on NOVA's website at: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/tech/making-more-stuff.html.



Credit: © 2013, WGBH Educational Foundation