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National Science Foundation
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Promoting Public Understanding of Science & Engineering
NSF supports a wide variety of educational and informational projects for the general public
IMAX films and other film projects for diverse audiences
Permanent, regional and traveling exhibits and associated outreach programs
Innovative programs for children and adults, and science information material for broadcasters
Radio shows, Web-based resources, community programs, life-long learning opportunities
Overview of NSF's Informal Science Education program


image of a black hole Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity
In this Museum-produced show, zip through other-worldly wormholes, experience the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy, and witness the violent death of a star and subsequent birth of a black hole.
Computer generated image of Tarchia and Tarbosaurus in combat in the Gobi Desert of the Cretaceous period 80 million. Dinosaurs Alive!
This IMAX® film is an adventure of science and discovery. It takes viewers in the footsteps of paleontologists on their expeditions to Mongolia's Gobi Desert to uncover some of the greatest dinosaur fossils ever found.
aerial view of LIGO facility Einstein's Messengers, LIGO Documentary
This video examines how LIGO, NSF's Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory, is spearheading the completely new field of gravitational wave astronomy and opening a whole new window on the universe.
image of Monarchs in the sky Flight of the Butterflies
One of the longest migrations on Earth comes to life in this giant screen film. In addition to raising awareness of the monarch butterfly and the importance of protecting its habitat, the movie aims to increase understanding of the scientific process and the role of citizen scientists in that process.
Forces of Nature - image of volcano Forces of Nature
This National Geographic film--made possible in part by the National Science Foundation--showcases the awesome spectacle of earthquakes, volcanoes, and severe storms as we follow scientists on their quests to understand how these natural disasters are triggered.
image of research team drilling ice cores Ice Worlds
The spectacular fulldome show, "Ice Worlds," takes planetarium audiences on a tour of the icy landscapes of our polar regions and beyond, introducing them to planet Earth as a unique ice and water world.
Journey Into Amazing Caves--an image of a person entering a cave Journey Into Amazing Caves
Join two accomplished cavers as they explore unusual caves looking for important clues about the Earth's past and microorganisms that inhabit its most extreme environments.
Sea Monsters poster Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
"Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure" is a giant-screen film that brings dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous period to life.
graphic with text Secrets of Plant Genomes Revealed! Secrets of Plant Genomes Revealed!
Secrets of Plant Genomes Revealed! takes viewers on a lively, upbeat journey that explores how plants got to be the way they are and investigates how we can make better use of them in the future.
still shot from Tales Of The Maya Skies Tales of the Maya Skies
The world of the ancient Maya and their understanding of the universe through astronomy and mathematics is presented in this visually stunning, immersive full-dome show.
Jessie and Mae We Still Live Here--Âs Nutayuneân
For over a century, the language of the Wampanoag tribes was not spoken. A crucial part of the tribes' culture was lost. The new documentary, We Still Live Here--Âs Nutayuneân, tells the story of how Jessie Little Doe Baird and members of the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project, bring this language back to life.



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