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National Science Foundation
Now Showing: Film, TV, Museums & More
Promoting Public Understanding of Science & Engineering
NSF supports a wide variety of educational and informational projects for the general public
IMAX films and other film projects for diverse audiences
Museum Exhibits:
Permanent, regional and traveling exhibits and associated outreach programs
Innovative programs for children and adults, and science information material for broadcasters
Radio shows, Web-based resources, community programs, life-long learning opportunities
Overview of NSF's Informal Science Education program

Museum Exhibits

Cell Lab Cell Lab
Enter the "Cell Lab" at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul to learn about cellular biology, molecular biology and microbiology by completing one of seven different wet lab experiments.
Photo of two guests observing a crime scene exhibit featuring a car that collided with a house CSI: The Experience
You've seen the hit television crime drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Now you can play the role of crime scene investigator at this traveling exhibit. You will learn scientific principles and real investigative techniques as you try to solve a crime scene mystery.
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Explore Evolution Explore Evolution
From rapidly evolving HIV to whales that walked, "Explore Evolution" invites the public to learn about seven current research projects on evolution in organisms ranging from the very smallest to the very largest.
Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear logo Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear
Why do our hearts race, our knees shake, and our bodies sweat when we are scared? "Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear," a new exhibit developed by the California Science Center explores this universal emotion that can save our lives.
bridge Outdoor Exploratorium
San Francisco's Exploratorium is taking its mission outside its walls and into the community. The "Outdoor Exploratorium" is a project that includes a collection of interactive exhibits that encourage users to notice and experiment with outdoor phenomena.
Places & Spaces  Mapping Science Places & Spaces Mapping Science
Maps have guided mankind's physical exploration for centuries. Now they also help mankind to navigate the world of science.
composite face of several races RACE--Are We So Different?
RACE--Are We So Different? is a traveling exhibition is a traveling exhibition that explores the science, history and lived experience of race and racism in the United States.
family tells the story of their building experiences in the Skyscraper Challenge Skyline Exhibition at the Chicago Children's Museum
How does one design a skyscraper? In the Chicago Children's Museum exhibition, "Skyline," learn to design your own skyscraper and learn about science, engineering, art and technology.
Strange Matter Strange Matter
This exhibit invites us to explore the fascinating world of stuff and uncover the surprising science behind the materials we use every day.
Photo of boy sizing up his hand with that of a gorilla's Surviving: The Body of Evidence
An interactive exhibition that explores the process of evolution and its profound impact on humans.
a man with kids viewing an exhibit The World Around Us
Natural and earth sciences come to life in "The World Around Us," a new interactive, permanent exhibit at the Louisville Science Center.



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