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Budget Division (BD)

Division Director: Caitlyn Fife

Deputy Division Director: Antony DiGiovanni

The Budget Division, located within the Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management (BFA), is responsible for the development, analysis, and execution of the Foundation's annual budget to the Office of Management and Budget and the Congress. This responsibility encompasses budget formulation and development, implementation and management of appropriate budget operations and control processes through development of operating plans and special analyses, assisting the development of long-range plans for the Foundation, and assisting the CFO and Deputy CFO in the resource management of the Foundation.

bullet NSF Budget Requests to Congress
bullet Budget Internet Information System: THE source for NSF data.


The Budget Internet Information System (BIIS) was designed to be an information resource for award summaries and NSF funding history. Data are presented at various summary levels along with the capability of drilling to detail in order to satisfy both general and specific inquiries.

Award summary data can be obtained by:

  • State in which the award was funded
  • Type of institution: federal, industry, small business, and academic institutions
  • Institutions receiving the largest portion of NSF funding

Ten years of summary data are available by state, directorate, division, and/or program. The summary data categories include:

  • Proposal and award information and the resulting funding rates
  • Average decision time
  • Mean award duration
  • Median annual award size

NSF funding histories since the establishment of the agency, complete NSF budget histories, and 20 year budget histories are shown by:

  • Appropriation account in current dollars
  • Appropriation account in constant dollars

Project Reports and their associated financial information can be obtained using any of the following criteria:

  • NSF organization
  • NSF program
  • Institution, state, or keyword in the project report
  • Incorporation in GPRA reporting
  • Publication in Science, Nature, or Physics Today

Note: The Project Report Search portion of the BIIS is only available to users on the internal NSF LAN.