Accounting Operations Branch

Branch Chief: Cynthia Paolillo


AOB is responsible for controlling and coordinating the quarterly closing/financial reporting process, in addition to reconciling and maintaining general ledger accounts and balances. Each section of the branch is also responsible for the following:

Financial Statements Section

  • Controls and coordinates the quarterly closing/financial reporting process
  • Performs external Financial Reporting for the agency as follows:
    • Financial Statements & Notes
    • GTAS
    • Intra-governmental
    • TROR
    • TROR Certification/Verification
    • Annual Cross-Servicing Certification
    • DCIA Annual Report
    • GFRS
    • SF13 - International Transactions of the Federal Government
  • Provide data in support of the Audit of the Financial Statements and Internal Controls Review

General Ledger Analysis Section

  • Reconciles and maintains general ledger accounts and balances
  • Manages accounts receivable
  • Classifies and records all cash receipts
  • Manages all accounting aspects of reimbursable agreements for NSF
  • Processes intergovernmental payments and collections (IPACs)
  • Reconciles and manages all intra-governmental transactions

Inquiries relating to Interagency Agreements and reporting or IPACs should be directed to the DFM IPAC Interagency Agreement Mailbox ( Inquiries relating to funds transfers and similar transactions should be directed to the DFM Accounting Assistance Mailbox ( Mailboxes are monitored daily. Please allow 1 business day to receive a response.