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Financial Systems Branch

Branch Chief: Gisele D. Holden


Our mission is to provide innovative state of the art financial system solutions to streamline and automate business processes, and make available robust financial data to help our stakeholders make informed financial decisions about the portfolios they manage.


FSB is responsible for financial systems operations, maintenance, training, customer service, user support, and ensuring the financial systems function in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and requirements. In addition, the FSB is also responsible for providing services in the following areas:

  • Establishes and maintains the financial code structure of the NSF including changes related to reorganizations within the agency;
  • Produces ad hoc queries/reports for DFM staff and for other NSF staff as deemed appropriate;
  • Monitors iTRAK operations for accuracy, efficiency, security and reporting compliance;
  • Monitors iTRAK operations for appropriate service level agreement (SLA) performance;
  • Develops and maintains iTRAK User Handbook;
  • Develops, documents, and provides training for all aspects and functionality of iTRAK;
  • Maintains liaison with the OMB, Treasury, GAO and other agencies on matters involving financial systems;
  • Maintains liaison with the Division of Information Systems within NSF for Financial Systems modifications, development and testing;
  • Facilitates the generation, mailing, and reporting of IRS forms 1099-MISC to recipients receiving eligible payments from NSF;
  • Coordinates the annual iTRAK Access Recertification Process;
  • Maintains liaison with the Administrative Managers on matters involving access to iTRAK;
  • Develop NSF financial systems policies and ensure they are aligned with government-wide financial systems policies;
  • Develop the annual Capital Asset Plan for iTRAK and coordinate with OIRM for submission to OMB;
  • Serve as NSF's representative for the Federal Government's E-government, shared services, and financial systems initiatives;
  • Provide expert knowledge and advice to governance groups in the areas of iTRAK accounting classification structure, financial management policy;
  • Serve as the Division of Financial Management representative for the NSF Enterprise Reporting and grants modernization initiatives impacting iTRAK;
  • Develop and manage execution of change management and communication strategies for iTRAK.