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Special Instructions for Submitting Supplemental Funding Requests

In NSF 12-065, Dear Colleague Letter: Career-Life Balance (CLB) Initiative, the Foundation announced the opportunity to submit supplemental funding requests to support additional personnel (e.g., research technicians or equivalent) to sustain research when the Principal Investigator is on family leave. In FY 2012, up to 3 months of salary support may be requested (for a maximum of $12,000 in salary compensation) by CAREER awardees.

The Supplemental Funding Request must:

  1. Clearly specify that this is a CLB supplemental funding request;
  2. Provide a description of how the technician (or equivalent) would be used to sustain the research effort while the PI is on leave;
  3. Identify the proposed period of performance for the technician; and
  4. Include the following statement:

    "The Authorized Organizational Representative hereby certifies that the request for a technician is because the PI is, or will be, on family leave status (or equivalent) from the institution in accordance with the institution's policies."

There should be no privacy related information provided in this request, i.e., the rationale for leave should not be disclosed to NSF.

Questions regarding these instructions should be addressed to the appropriate Directorate or Divisional representative identified on the CAREER webpage at: For additional information on the CLB Initiative, see