NSF Data-Focused CI Request for Information


In 2019, NSF released a new Vision for Cyberinfrastructure (CI) and associated set of Blueprint documents. To further inform NSF's CI plans and in light of the increasingly central role played by digital data in all areas of S&E research, from October to December 2019, NSF requested input from the research community on "Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research" (NSF 20-015). This 2019 Request for Information (RFI) served as a follow-up to an earlier 2017 NSF RFI on "Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering Research (NSF CI 2030)". (NSF 17-031 and see associated responses).


NSF received more than 100 responses to the 2019 RFI on Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure, comprising contributions from over 340 named contributors from over 150 research institutions and other organizations across a wide range of science and engineering research domains supported by NSF. Ninety-eight of the responding primary authors consented to allow NSF publication of their response per a Creative Commons license; these responses are provided below. The RFI responses collectively serve as important input towards NSF's further development and implementation of its CI investment strategy and programs going forward.

Access to these responses is provided below in a sortable table (click the table headers to sort by the desired column). Individual responses can be downloaded by clicking on the file name. The entire response set can be downloaded as a zip file by clicking the "Download All Responses" button.

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Response Id File Name Author Name(s) & Affiliation(s) Research Domain, discipline, and sub-discipline Title of Submission
1108733297311087332973_Alsmadi.pdfIzzat Alsmadi - Texas A&M, San AntonioCyber securityCyber analytics in social networks and big data
1108918459911089184599_Just.pdfJohn Just - Iowa State Universitydata sciencethe "IO" bottleneck
1110043659311100436593_Belotti.pdfPietro Belotti - Fair Isaac CorpOptimization/mixed integer nonlinear optimization.more clusters needed
1110131050311101310503_White.pdfChelsea White - Georgia Techstochastic controlNext Generation Analytics
1110230131811102301318_Morris.pdfGeorge Morris - Dartmouth Collegedata science/information technologyCollections-based research
1110398351811103983518_Carstens.pdfBryan Carstens - The Ohio State UniversityEvolutionary biologyCyberinfrastructure for specimen-based research.
1113974545011139745450_Demuth.pdfKatherine Demuth - Macquarie University, Brown UniversityLinguisticsLanguage acquisition corpora
1117030879211170308792_Herr.pdfDaniel Herr - UNC-GreensboroChemistry, Materials Science, Nanoscience, Nanoelectronics and BioengineeringBrief and Initial Individual Response
1117853779011178537790_shannigrahi.pdfsusmit shannigrahi - tennessee techNext-generation internet; cyberinfrastructure for big science; edge-cloud hybrid model; 5G mobile networksCI challanges for big science
1120280520911202805209_Poelen.pdfJorrit Poelen - Independent Software and Data Engineer; Anne Thessen, Melissa Haendel, Oregon State University; Jennifer Hammock, Smithsonian Institution; Katja Seltmann, University of California, Santa Barbara; Ramona Walls, University of Arizona; Carl Boettiger, University of California, Berkeley; Tobias Kuhn, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands; Michael J. Elliott, University of FloridaBiodiversity Informatics; Biology, Ecology; InformaticsEnabling Reliable Content-based Data Citations
1121459695511214596955_Gilbert.pdfPupa Gilbert - University of Wisconsin - MadisonBiomineralization; biomaterials; synchrotron spectromicroscopy;Spectromicroscopy of biominerals and biomaterials: structure and formation mechanisms
1121530235111215302351_Fraden.pdfSeth Fraden - Brandeis UniversitySoft matterData-driven needs of the Brandeis MRSEC and DMREF
1121675044511216750445_Butler.pdfLeslie Butler - Louisiana State Universitychemistry; materials science; X-ray and neutron tomography; interferometryX-ray and Neutron Tomography for Materials Science
1121704851911217048519_Dorfman.pdfKevin Dorfman, Frank Bates - University of MinnesotapolymersImpact on Polymer Research
1121791291411217912914_Leng.pdfYongsheng Leng - George Washington UniversityMechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Computational materials science and molecular simulations; mechano-chemistryFurther enhancing computational molecular science and cyber related development
1121833092011218330920_Peisert.pdfSean Peisert - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, Davis; Jason Lowe-Power, Venkatesh Akella, University of California, DavisComputer architecture; trusted execution environments; homomorphic encryption; secure multiparty encryption; privacy preserving techniques; differential privacyPrivacy-Preserving Computing Environments for Scientific Computing
1121890871111218908711_Williams.pdfJohn Williams, Shanan E. Peters, Robert Roth, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jessica Blois, University of California-Merced; Gabriel J Bowen, University of Utah; Edward Davis, University of Oregon; Eric C. Grimm, University of Minnesota; Rob Guralnick, University of Florida; Steven M. Holland, Suzanne E. Pilaar Birch, University of Georgia; Eric C. Kansa, Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Open Context; Darrell S Kaufman, Nicholas P. McKay, Northern Arizona University; Lisa Park Boush, University of Connecticut; Jocelyn A. Sessa, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University; Mark D. Uhen, George Mason UniversityArchaeology; Geology; Global Change; Paleontology; Paleobiology and Paleoecology; Paleoclimatology; StratigraphyBuilding Open, Linked, and Community-Curated Data Ecosystems for the Past Earth-Life-Human System
1121904343711219043437_Alsmadi.pdfIzzat Alsmadi - Texas A&M, San AntonioCyber analyticsCyber analytics in social networks and big data
1121908546211219085462_Herzfeld.pdfUte Herzfeld - University of Colorado BoulderCyberinfrastructure: Computer Science and Arctic Natural Sciences (Glaciology, Sea Ice Research)RFI Response: Physically driven versus discipline-agnostic classification
1122055914711220559147_Fabbiano.pdfGiuseppina Fabbiano, Raffaele D’Abrusco, Francesca Civano, Center for Astrophysics, Harvard & Smithsonian; Bruce Berriman, Caltech; Mark Lacy, NRAOastrophysicsData Infrastructure Challenges
1122063249811220632498_Zhao.pdfGuang-Lin Zhao - Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, LouisianaElectronic structure of materials; electrocatalytic reaction sites; electron-phonon interaction in materials; superconductors and superconducting properties;Establishing New Modeling Capability for Electronic Materials via Incorporation of Full-Potential Electron-Phonon Interactions
1122083458711220834587_Orf.pdfLeigh Orf - University of WisconsinAtmospheric science; numerical weather prediction; mesoscale meteorology; supercell thunderstormsThe challenge of post-hoc data analysis and the need for lossy data compression
1122100059411221000594_Peckham.pdfJoan Peckham, Christopher Hemme, University of Rhode IslandComputer Science, Data Science, BioinformaticsCommunity support for Data and Data Driven Computing
1122154021311221540213_Van_Hooser.pdfStephen Van Hooser - Brandeis UniversityneuroscienceData interfaces and databases for analysis in neurosciences
1122243599811222435998_Starly.pdfBinil Starly - North Carolina State universityAdvanced Manufacturing: Digital Design & ManufacturingCan we Engineer the tools for Anyone to engage in Product Design and have it built Anywhere and Anytime using Data-Focused Cyber-Infrastructure
1122272618011222726180_Zhang.pdfPeihong Zhang - University at Buffalo, SUNYPhysics; condensed matter physics; materials scienceOn materials prediction and design using machine learning methods and the development of standardized, easy-to-access, and accurate databases
1122308262611223082626_Beyerlein.pdfIrene Beyerlein - University of California at Santa BarbaraSolid mechanics; materials science;Data-driven tools to fill gaps in defining microstructure-property relationships
1122371769011223717690_Dunaway.pdfW. Michael Dunaway, Scott Petersen, Jane Combs, Prashant Khare, Jess Kropczynski, University of CincinnatiDunaway-systems engineering, homeland security, smart cities, community and enterprise resilience; Combs-advanced research computing and cyberinfrastructure; Khare-aerospace and mechanical engineering, high-performance computing; Kropczynski-social networks, social and behavioral sciences, human-computer interaction, data informatics, smart cities.Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure for Research in Urban and Digital Futures
1122398864111223988641_Del_Maestro.pdfAdrian Del Maestro - University of Vermontcondensed matter physics; computational physics; quantum information physics; cold atom physicsThoughts on Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering
1122416953811224169538_Voyles.pdfPaul Voyles, Victor Zavala, Dane Morgan, University of Wisconsin-MadisonMaterials science, chemical engineering, structure of materials, materials informatics, computational materials science, sensingChallenges and Opportunities in Data-Intensive Research in Materials Science and Engineering
11224180566 11224180566_Broude_Geva.pdfSharon Broude Geva, Brian Arbic, Daniel Atkins, Michael Cianfrocco, Oleg Gnedin, H.V. Jagadish, James Penner-Hahn, University of MichiganComputational Oceanography and Climate and Space Sciences; Information; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Biological Chemistry; Astronomy; Chemistry and Biophysics;University of Michigan Response to Request for Information on Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research
1122424822711224248227_Wuerthwein.pdfFrank Wuerthwein - UCSD, SDSC, OSGAll of Open ScienceNETFLIX for all of Open Science
1122426916211224269162_Chien.pdfChia-Ling Chien - Johns Hopkins UniversityNew phenomena in condensed matter physics, especially spintronics, superconductivity, spin caloritronicsDiscovery of new phenomena depends less on data-intensive research
1122474287911224742879_Hersam.pdfMark Hersam, James Rondinelli, Northwestern UniversityMaterials Science and EngineeringyberInfrastructure Recommendations from the Northwestern University MRSEC
1122481405311224814053_Cleveland.pdfWilliam Cleveland, Wen-wen Tung; Purdue Universitystatistics; machine learning; parallel, distributed environments for data analysis; earth and atmospheric sciences;Divide and Recombine for Deep Analysis of Big Data
1122495856611224958566_Maechling.pdfPhilip Maechling - University of Southern CaliforniaComputer Science;GeoscienceData-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed for Model Validation
1122549104211225491042_Purwanto.pdfWirawan Purwanto, Kent Carpenter, Dan Barshis, Eric Garcia, Ivan Lopez, Old Dominion UniversityHigh-performance computing; Bioinformatics; Bioinformatics; Bioinformatics; BioinformaticsObservation of Challenges and Opportunities in Data-Intensive Sciences: Case of Bioinformatics
1122572390311225723903_Maginn.pdfEdward Maginn - University of Notre Damechemical engineering; thermodynamics; molecular dynamics; Monte Carlo; molecular simulationObtaining Data in Chemical Sciences
1122572455111225724551_Hemphill.pdfLibby Hemphill - University of Michigan on behalf of Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)data curation; data reuse; information science; applied machine learningElements of transformative cyberinfrastructure to support groundbreaking, transparent, and reproducible science
1122585032911225850329_Tyler_withReport.pdfBrett Tyler - Oregon State University; Eric Lyons, University of Arizona; David Stern, Cornell University; Natalie Henkhaus, Crispin Taylor, American Society of Plant Biologists; Plant Science Research NetworkPlant systems scienceData-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Plant Systems Science
1122586093011225860930_Travesset.pdfAlex Travesset - Iowa State UniversitySoft Condensed Matter; Self and Directed AssemblyFirst Principles Predictions of Nanoparticle Asssemblies
1122592907411225929074_Blatecky.pdfAlan Blatecky - RTI InternationalData, HPC, Networking, CyberinfrastructureData Harmonization
1122604763911226047639_Arafune.pdfLisa Arafune - Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC); Erik Deumens, University of Florida; Sharon Broude Geva, University of Michigan; Jonathon Anderson, University of Colorado at Boulder; Mike Warfe, Case Western Reserve University; Scott Yockel, Harvard University; Dhruva Chakravorty, Texas A&M UniversityAdvanced Research ComputingCoalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) Response to NSF RFI 20-015
1122617019811226170198_McHenry.pdfKenton McHenry - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Dan Katz, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Colleen Bushell, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Praveen Kumar, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; David LeBauer, University of Arizona Luigi Marini, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; John Towns, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign;research software/cyberinfrastructure; geoscience; biologySoftware Perspectives at the Intersection of Scientific Disciplines
1122625065211226250652_De_Guire.pdfEileen De Guire, Mark Mecklenborg, The American Ceramic SocietyProfessional societies; Ceramic and glass materials science and engineeringA collaborative approach to building a cyberinfrastructure and workforce for materials science
1122637651611226376516_Servilla.pdfMark Servilla - University of New Mexico; Corinna Gries, University of WisconsinBiology; ecological and environmental informatics, computer science; Servilla Limnology; ecological and evironmental informatics; GriesData-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research in the Ecological and Environmental Sciences: A Repository Perspective
1122643794011226437940_Gutsche.pdfOliver Gutsche - FermilabFor the U.S. CMS S&C Operations program; James Letts, UCSD; Frank Wuerthwein, UCSD; Brian Bockelman, Morgridge Institute; Mike Hildreth, Notre Dame University; Ken Bloom, University of Nebraska–LincolnHigh Energy Physics;LHC;HL-LHCAnalysis facilities for HL-LHC: dynamically cached storage hierarchies and new analysis paradigms
1122643900611226439006_Gutsche.pdfOliver Gutsche - FermilabFor the U.S. CMS S&C Operations program; James Letts, UCSD; Frank Wuerthwein, UCSD; Brian Bockelman, Morgridge Institute; Mike Hildreth, Notre Dame University; Ken Bloom, University of Nebraska–LincolnHigh Energy Physics;LHC;HL-LHCAccessing HL-LHC data from HPC centers, campus infrastructures and commercial clouds for central processing
1122645079111226450791_Raj.pdfRishi Raj - University of Colorado Boulder; Rajiv Kalia, University of Southern CaliforniaComputer Science, Materials Science, Defect Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Science and EngineeringMaterials Far from Equilibrium: from Structure and Properties to Scientific Algorithms to Broader Impact
1122646276211226462762_YANG.pdfKesong YANG - University of California San Diegocomputational materials scienceData-driven Research Challenge for Hybrid Materials
1122650010011226500100_Berman.pdfHelen Berman - Rutgers UniversityStructural BioinformaticsThe importance of standards development
1122654847711226548477_Jennewein.pdfDouglas Jennewein, Christopher Kurtz, Gil Speyer, Arizona State UniversityCampus Cyberinfrastructure; Research Software Engineering; Systems ArchitectureBroadening campus support for data-enabled discovery
1122655594611226555946_Rominger.pdfAndrew Rominger - Santa Fe Instituteecology; evolution; computational biologyMaking data-intensive research more inclusive to foster open source solutions to model reproducibility and data synthesis
1122665253411226652534_Bougie.pdfDevin Bougie, Werner Sun, Elke Arenholz, Joel Brock, Cornell High Energy Synchrotron SourcePhoton ScienceData and Workflow Management for Photon Science
1122665834711226658347_Voorhees.pdfPeter Voorhees, Christopher Wolverton, Northwestern University; Bill Mahoney, ASM International; Eric Toberer, Colorado School of Mines; Ian Foster, University of Chicago; Gil Gallegos, New Mexico Highlands University; Jeffrey Rickman, Lehigh University; K. Rajan, Olga Wodo, State University of New York at Buffalo; Apurva Metha, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; Sergei Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Sada Shankar, Boris Kozinsky, Harvard University; Stefano Curtaldo, Cate Brinson, Duke University; Surya Kalidindi, Georgia Tech; Alexander Szalay, David Elbert, Mitra Taheri, Johns Hopkins University; Elif Ertekin, University of Illinois; Evan Reed, Stanford University; Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Ohio State University; Alejandro Strachan, Purdue University; Elizabeth Holm, Carnegie Mellon University; Kristin Persson, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Richard Henning, University of Florida; Raymundo Arroyave, Texas A&M University; Aldo Romero, West Virginia UniversityMaterials Science and EngineeringTowards an Interoperable, FAIR Compliant, Sustainable Materials Data Ecosystem
1122672601111226726011_Honavar.pdfVasant Honavar, Jenni Evans, Guido Cervone, Ryan Gilmore, Wayne Figurelle, Pennsylvania State UniversityArtificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Metereology; Geoscience; Bioinformatics; Materials Informatics; Data Science; Computational Sciences.Harnessing the power and potential of data, computation, and artificial intelligence to advance science
1122682068011226820680_Yang.pdfJudith Yang, Stephen House, Wissam Saidi, University of Pittsburghelectron microscopyAccelerating Infrastructure: In situ Transmisison Electron Microscopy
1122682896211226828962_Knipp.pdfDelores Knipp - Chair, Coupling Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) Science Steering Committee; Asti Bhatt, SRI; Astrid Maute, Liying Qian, NCAR; Jens Oberheide, Komal Kumari, Clemson University; Andrew Gerrard, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Jonathan Snively, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University; McArthur Jones, Naval Research Laboratory; Julio Urbina, Pennsylvania State University; Katrina Bossert, University of Alaska; Matthew Grawe, University of Illinois; Shasha Zou, University of Michigan; Susan Nossal, University of Wisconsin; Loren Chang, National Central University TaiwanAll authors are from the Space Physics and Aeronomy DomainResponse to RFI on Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure In Support of Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research
1122686758611226867586_Peterka.pdfTom Peterka, Bogdan Nicolae, Franck Cappello, Sheng Di, Hanqi Guo, - Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)high-performance computing; in situ data management; storage and I/O; data reduction; data preservation; feature tracking; uncertainty quantification; scientific workflowsData Cyberinfrastructure for Scientific Discovery
1122687875511226878755_Towns.pdfJohn Towns (National Center for Supercomputing Applications, NCSA), Larry Di Girolamo, Dan Katz (NCSA), Kevin Leicht, Andre Schleife, Ester Soriano (NCSA), University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbanaastronomy; astrophysics; earth sciences; climate modeling; materials science; environmental sciencesData Infrastructure and Services to enable multi-disciplinary Data Sharing and Analyses
1122690157511226901575_Towns.pdfJohn Towns - University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana; Kelly Gaither, University of Texas at Austin; Linda Akli, Southeastern Universities Research Association; Bob Sikovitz, University of California San Diego; Phil Blood, Sergiu Senelevici, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center; Rich Knepper, Cornell University; Victor Hazlewood, Greg Peterson, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Dave Hart, National Center for Atmospheric Researchastronomy; astrophysics; earth sciences; climate modeling; materials science; environmental sciences; artificial intelligence; bioinformatics; civil engineering; cosmology; cybersecurity; electrical engineering; humanities; multimedia analytics; particle physics; public healthObservation from XSEDE for Infrastructure to Support Data-intensive and Data-Driven Science
1122690397311226903973_Read_de_Alaniz.pdfJavier Read de Alaniz, Craig Hawker, Scott Shell, Glenn Fredrickson, Ambuj Singh, Tal Margalith, Paul Weakliem, University of California Santa Barbara; Heather Maynard, Yi Tang, UCLAChemistry and Biochemistry, Materials, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Biomolecular EngineeringCyberinfrastructure Needs and Opportunities for the NSF Materials Innovation Platform and the proposed Biomaterials Innovation Collaborative
1122691033511226910335_Morgan.pdfDane Morgan - University of Wisconsin, MadisonMaterials science; materials informatics; computational materials scienceMaterials Data and Machine Learning Cyberinfrastructure
1122693103411226931034_Atherton.pdfTimothy Atherton - Tufts UniversityCondensed Matter and Materials Theory; Soft MatterCyberinfrastructure for Soft Matter
1122693494311226934943_Foster.pdfIan Foster, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Kyle Chard, Vas Vasiliadis, University of ChicagoComputer ScienceUtility Data Services are a Prerequisite for Accelerated Discovery and Innovation
1122694639311226946393_Towns.pdfJohn Towns - National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), Vikram Adve, Gabrielle Allen, Colleen Bushell, Matias Carrasco Kind, Larry Di Girolamo, William D. Gropp, Robert Gruendl, Matthew Hudson, Margaret W.G. Johnson, Daniel S. Katz, Gautham Narayan, Donald Petravick, Gene Robinson, Joaquin Viera, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Shawn T. Brown, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center; Tom Gulbransen, Battelle Memorial Institute, National Ecological Observatory Network; Dan Stanzione, Texas Advanced Computing CenterAstronomy and astrophysics; cell and developmental biology; computer engineering; computer science; earth and environmental science; genomics; neuroinformatics.Cyberinfrastructure for Instrument Science
1122697461611226974616_von_Oehsen.pdfBarr von Oehsen - Rutgers University; John Barden, Yale University; Rene Baston, Columbia University/Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub; John Goodhue, MGHPCC; Vasant Honavar, Pennsylvania State University; Wendy Huntoon, KINBER; David Marble, OSHEAN; John Moore, Consultant; Sharon Pitt, University of Delaware; Bruce Segee, University of Maine – OronoUniversity CIOs; Research and Education Network Presidents; University Research Computing Directors; Research Faculty; Center Executive Director; Associate Vice PresidentThe Eastern Regional Network (ERN) Multi-Campus Federated Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure in support of Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research Collaborations
1122698737811226987378_Hoban.pdfSean Hoban, Alissa Brown, Center for Tree Science, The Morton Arboretum; Andria Dawson, Mount Royal University; John Robinson, Michigan State University; Adam Smith, Missouri Botanical Garden; Allan Strand, College of CharlestonPopulation Genetics; Demographic Modeling; Conservation Biology; Environmental/ Ecological Modeling; Paleoecology; Organismal Biology; Invasion biology; Evolution; Community Ecology; GenomicsComputational challenges with accessing, merging and utilizing diverse and large datasets in ecology and evolution
1122699800211226998002_Cheetham.pdfRobert Cheetham - Azaveageospatial; remote sensing; machine learning; computer vision; GIS; deep learningBuilding a Geospatial Remote Sensing Ecosystem to Support Science and Engineering Professionals
1122700885111227008851_Hauser.pdfThomas Hauser - University of Colorado BoulderCyberinfrastructure; computational science; data managementChallenges for data-intensive research - a view from focus group interviews
1122701302311227013023_Schneider.pdfNicole Schneider - Fulbright visiting researcher at Astronomical Observatory of Cagliaricomputer science, machine learningNeed for Tools to Facilitate Collection and Analysis of Big Data
1122702581411227025814_Chaturvedi.pdfAlok Chaturvedi - Purdue Universityself-organizing systems; Generative AI; Machine learning; auto-scaling virtual brain modelSelf-configuring Infrastructure for generative analytics
1122703815311227038153_Crespi.pdfVincent Crespi, Joan Redwing, Venkat Gopalan, Kevin Dressler, Penn State UniversityMaterials Research; Chemistry; PhysicsCyberinfrastructure for Capture and Correlation of Diverse Heterogeneous Materials Research Data
1122704189711227041897_Luszczek.pdfPiotr Luszczek, Terry Moore, University of TennesseeComputer Science, System Architecture, Storage and NetworkingUnpacked Data Management Systems
1122704591711227045917_Elbert.pdfDavid Elbert, Tyrel McQueen, Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM), Cornell-Johns Hopkins-Clark Atlanta CollaborationMaterials Science and Engineering (NSF-DMR)Interdisciplinary Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needs and Opportunities In Materials Science and Engineering
1122705407311227054073_Bart.pdfHenry Bart, Yasin Bakis Tulane UniversityBiology; Biodiversity Informatics; Computer Science; Oceanography; Geospatial Science; Meteorology; Environmental ScienceCyberinfrastructure for Global Oceanic Ecosystem Forecasting
1122706106111227061061_Thayer.pdfJana Thayer, Amedeo Perazzo, Robert Schoenlein, Paul Fuoss, SLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryJana Thayer, data acquisition systems and high-performance software in the fields of HEP, astrophysics, and photon science; Amedeo Perazzo, architecture of data acquisition and data analysis systems for HEP, astrophysics and photon science experiments, pattern recognition, trigger/veto systems, silicon detectors, low noise electronics, Montecarlo simulations, large scale software development, advanced controls systems, data management and HPC; Robert Schoenlein, Solution Phase ChemistryData Processing Challenges at the Linac Coherent Light Source
1122706192411227061924_Bhatt.pdfAsti Bhatt, Roger Varney, Todd Valentic, Ashton Reimer, Elizabeth Kendall, Leslie Lamarche, SRI InternationalSpace Physics and AeronomyCyberinfrastructure Challenges for Space Physics and Aeronomy
1122706318511227063185_Shankar.pdfSadasivan Shankar - Harvard University; G. Crabtree, Argonne; R. Eggert, T. Lograsso Critical Materials Institute; J. Neaton, D. Prendergast, S. Whitelam, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, UC-Berkeley); B. Sumpter, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryMaterials Science and Engineering; Chemistry; Computing and Information Processing; Machine Learning for Scientific and Engineering ApplicationsAn Open Cyberinfrastructure for Data-based Research in Materials and Chemical Sciences
1122706737711227067377_Stanzione.pdfDan Stanzione, Kelly Gaither, Niall Gaffney, Tommy Minyard, Maytal Dahan, Paul Navratil, Matthew Vaughn, The University of Texas at AustinAstronomy and astrophysics, cell and developmental biology, computer engineering, computer science, aerospace engineering.A Center/Community perspective on Data infrastructure
1122707056111227070561_Livny.pdfMiron Livny - University of Wisconsin-Madison; Brian Bockelman, Morgridge Institute for ResearchComputer Science, Distributed Computing, High Throughput ComputingStorage Management for Data in Transit
1122707290011227072900_Childers.pdfBruce Childers - University of Pittsburgh; Panos Chrysanthis; Michael Colaresi; Wilbert van PanhuisComputer Science; Political Science; Public HealthNext Frontier of the Data Revolution at the Confluence of Social Science, Humanities and Life Sciences
1122707506011227075060_Chakravorty.pdfDhruva Chakravorty - High Performance Research Computing at Texas A&M UniversitySeveral science domainsA CI Perspective on Challenges Faced by Data-Intensive Researchers Across Science and Engineering Domains
1122707669611227076696_Shiklomanov.pdfAlexey Shiklomanov - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Michael Dietze, Tempest McCabe, Boston University; Kenton McHenry, NCSA/UIUC; Christine Laney, NEON/BattelleAlexey Shiklomanov: ecology, remote sensing, ecological modeling; Michael Dietze: ecology, ecological modeling; Tempest McCabe: ecological modeling, disturbance ecology; Kenton McHenry: computer vision, artificial intelligence, unstructured data curation; Christine Laney: ecology, ecoinformaticsCyberinfrastructure in support of iterative ecological forecasting
1122707898611227078986_Elbert.pdfDavid Elbert, Tyrel McQueen, Johns Hopkins UniversityMaterials Science and Engineering (NSF-DMR)A Role for Centers of Excellence in Development and Delivery of Data Focused Cyberinfrastructure
1122708029911227080299_Fontaine.pdfKathleen Fontaine - RPI; Katherine Chastain, Peter Fox, Shweta Narkar, Mark Parsons, Anirudh PrabhuData science; computer science; geophysics; data analyticsTetherless World Constellation Response to RFI 20-015
1122708053411227080534_de_La_Beaujardiere.pdfJeff de La Beaujardiere, Seth McGinnis, Brian Bonnlander, John Clyne, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Big data; data management; data visualization; climate model downscalingNCAR CISL response to NSF RFI on Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure
1122708061011227080610_Manz.pdfThomas Manz - New Mexico State UniversityChemical Engineering; computational chemistry; materials simulation and design; scientific computing; condensed matter and materials theoryDedicated Computational Units to Compute Matrix Permanents
1122708245111227082451_robinson.pdfbruce robinson - University of Washington ChemistryMaterials ScienceEnhancing CMOS interconnections
1122708440811227084408_Chan.pdfChi-kwan Chan, Parker Antin, Tony Edgin, Blake Joyce, David LeBauer, Eric Lyons, Nirav Merchant, Maliaca Oxnam, Dimitrios Psaltis, Edwin Skidmore, Mary Sprinkle, Tyson Swetnam, Ramona Walls, University of ArizonaCellular and Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Plant Sciences, Astronomy, Physics, Data Science, and Research Computing/CyberinfrastructureMulti-Cloud Cyberinfrastructures and Software Stacks for Sustaining Data-Intensive Scientific Collaborations
1122709857011227098570_Bates.pdfJohn Bates - Natural Science Collections AllianceBiology; natural science collections; biodiversity; ornithology; evolutionCyber-infrastructure and the extended specimen concept for biodiversity research
1122719216811227192168_Sterner.pdfBeckett Sterner, Nico Franz, Edward Gilbert, Arizona State UniversitySystematic biology; biodiversity informatics; philosophy of biologyDecentralized but globally coordinated data science
1122731257611227312576_Zunger.pdfAlex Zunger, Zhi Wang, Oleksandr Malyi, Carlos Mera Acosta, University of Colorado at BoulderMaterials Science; Physics;Data-focused Cyberinfrastructure - response from Alex Zunger's group
1122758604911227586049_Abernathey.pdfRyan Abernathey - Columbia University; Joseph Hamman, Deepak Cherian, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Matthew Rocklin, NVIDIA; Ryan May, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; Aneesh Subramanian, University of Colorado Boulder; Daniel Rothenberg, ClimaCell; Chris Holdgraf, Berkeley Institute for Data ScienceOceanography Climate Science Meteorology Neuroscience Parallel computingGive Me All Your Data: CI Needs for Interactive Petascale Scientific Data Analytics
1122770166111227701661_Sun.pdfZiheng Sun - George Mason UniversityGeospatial cyberinfrastructure; GIS; Remote Sensing; Agriculture; Machine learning.Building Glutinous Infrastructure for Managing Disparate Data, Algorithms and Processing Services
1122863375711228633757_Pfeiffer.pdfNicole Pfeiffer - Center for Open Science; Brian Nosek, UVA, COS; David Mellor, COSMechanical engineering, Materials science, Product Development, Agile softwareCross-disciplinary data sharing limitations are both technical and social
1123219612911232196129_Trevett.pdfNeil Trevett - The Khronos Group; Paul Navratil, Texas Advanced Computing Center; Christiaan Gribble, SURVICE Engineering; Peter Messmer, NVIDIA; David DeMarle, Kitware; Jefferson Amstutz, IntelOpen, interoperability standards for 3D graphics and data visualizationOpen Analytic Rendering Interoperability Standard for Scientific Visualization