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REU Site Contacts

NOTE:  For guidance on requesting an REU supplement for an existing NSF grant or cooperative agreement, contact the cognizant program officer for that grant or cooperative agreement.  For guidance concerning an REU supplement as part of a new or renewal proposal to NSF, contact the program officer for the research program to which the proposal will be submitted.

Biological Sciences

phone: (703) 292-8470,

Computer and Information Science and Engineering

Advanced Cyberinfrastructure
phone: (703) 292-8910,

All Other CISE Programs
phone: (703) 292-8950,

Education and Human Resources

phone: (703) 292-2260,


Engineering Research Centers
phone: (703) 292-8380,

All Other Engineering Programs
phone: (703) 292-8380,

Ethics Activities in REU Projects

phone: (703) 292-5026,


Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences
phone: (703) 292-8521,

Earth Sciences
phone: (703) 292-4705,

Ocean Sciences
phone: (703) 292-7709,

Polar Programs
phone: (703) 292-7709,

International and Integrative Activities

phone: (703) 292-8710,

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Astronomical Sciences
phone: (703) 292-8535,

phone: (703) 292-4947,

Materials Research
phone: (703) 292-4914,

Mathematical Sciences
phone: (703) 292-4876,

phone: (703) 292-8236,

Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences

phone: (703) 292-7376,
SBE REU Web page:

NSF REU Coordinator

phone: (703) 292-4625,