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NSF 01-151

Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978

Please note: The Antarctic Treaty website compiles the most up to management plans for all ASPAs and ASMAs. Maps of ASPA and ASMA locations can be found here, through the links on the right hand side of that page.

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Summary of this book

aca1_intro.pdf 146 kb
Section One: Regulations Pursuant To The Antarctic Conservation Act As Amended By The Antarctic Science, Tourism, And Conservation Act aca1_sec_one.pdf 190 kb

Part 670 — Conservation of Antarctic Animals and Plants

  • Subpart A — Introduction
  • Subpart B — Prohibited Acts, Exceptions
  • Subpart C — Permits
  • Subpart D — Native Mammals, Birds, Plants, and Invertebrates
  • Subpart E — Specially Protected Species of Mammals, Birds, and Plants
  • Subpart F — Antarctic Specially Protected Areas
  • Subpart G — Import into and Export from the United States
  • Subpart H — Introduction of Non-Indigenous Plants and Animals


  • Subpart A — Introduction
  • Subpart B — Prohibited Acts, Exceptions
  • Subpart C — Permits
  • Subpart D — Waste Management
  • Subpart E — Designation of Banned Substances; Reclassification of Pollutants
  • Subpart F — Cases of Emergency

Part 672 — Enforcement and Hearing Procedures

Part 673 — Antarctic Non-Governmental Expeditions

Section Two: Antarctic Specially Protected Areas    

ASPA Locator Maps

  • Map 1 (Antarctica)
  • Legend (location of Antarctic Specially Protected Areas)
aca2_spa_maps1.pdf 90 kb
  • Map 2 (Antarctic Peninsula region)
  • Map 3 (McMurdo Sound region)
  • Map 4 (Antarctic Peninsula region — Adelaide Island/Marguerite Bay)
  • Map 5 (Antarctic Peninsula region — South Orkney Islands)
aca2_spa_maps2.pdf 135 kb
Section Three: ASPA Management Plans    
No. 101 (SPA-1), Taylor Rookery, MacRobertson Land Att268_e.pdf 539 kb
No. 102 (SPA-2), Rookery Islands, Holme Bay Att269_e.pdf 193 kb
No. 103 (SPA-3), Ardrey Island and Odbert Island, Budd Coast Att270_e.pdf 264 kb
No. 104 (SPA-4), Sabrina Island, Balleny Islands att421_e.pdf 679 kb
No. 105 (SPA-5), Beaufort Island, Ross Sea Att155_e.pdf 1,076 kb
No. 106 (SPA-7), Cape Hallett, Victoria Land Att092_e.pdf 157 kb
No. 107 (SPA-8), Dion Islands, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula Att178_e.pdf 254 kb
No. 108 (SPA-9), Green Island, Berthelot Islands, Antarctic Peninsula Att179_e.pdf 200 kb
No. 109 (SPA-13), Moe Island, South Orkney Islands att355_e.pdf 154 kb
No. 110 (SPA-14), Lynch Island, South Orkney Islands Att201_e.pdf 115 kb
No. 111 (SPA-15), Southern Powell Island and adjacent islands, South Orkney Islands Att242_e.pdf 120 kb
No. 112 (SPA-16), Coppermine Peninsula, Robert Island Att261_e.pdf 20 kb
No. 113 (SPA-17), Litchfield Island, Arthur Harbor, Palmer Archipelago Att422_e.pdf 3,160 kb
No. 114 (SPA-18), North Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands Att156_e.pdf 129 kb
No. 115 (SPA-19), Lagotellerie Island, Marguerite Bay Att202_e.pdf 141 kb
No. 116 (SPA-20, SSSI-10), “New College Valley”, Caughley Beach, Cape Bird, Ross Island Att330_e.pdf 505 kb
No. 117 (SPA-21), Avian Island, Northwest Marguerite Bay Att180_e.pdf 234 kb
No. 118 (SPA-22), Cryptogam Ridge (118a), Mount Melbourne, North Victoria Land and summit of Mt. Melbourne (118b), Victoria Land Att389_e.pdf 338 kb
No. 119 (SPA-23), Forlidas Pond and Davis Valley Ponds Att271_e.pdf 315 kb
No. 120 (SPA 24), Pointe-Geologie Archipelago Att272_e.pdf 547 kb
No. 121 (SSSI-1), Cape Royds, Ross Island att423_e.pdf 2,003 kb
No. 122 (SSSI-2), Arrival Heights, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island Att211_e.pdf 250 kb
No. 123 (SSSI-3), Barwick Valley, Victoria Land Att390_e.pdf 272 kb
No. 124 (SSSI-4), Cape Crozier, Ross Island Att391_e.pdf 465 kb
No. 125 (SSSI-5), Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, South Shetland Islands Att424_e.pdf 9.47 Mb
No. 126 (SSSI-6), Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands Att185_e.pdf 661 kb
No. 127 (SSSI-7), Haswell Island Att335_e.pdf 531 kb
No. 128 (SSSI-8), Western Shore of Admiralty Bay, King George Island Att200_e.pdf 242 kb
No. 129 (SSSI-9), Rothera Point, Adelaide Island att356_e.pdf 140 kb
No. 130 (SSSI-11), Tramway Ridge, Mt. Erebus, Ross Island Att186_e.pdf 501 kb
No. 131 (SSSI-12), Canada Glacier, Lake Fryxell, Taylor Valley, Victoria Land Att331_e.pdf 472 kb
No. 132 (SSSI-13), Potter Peninsula, King George Island, South Shetland Islands Att273_e.pdf 225 kb
No. 133 (SSSI-14), Harmony Point, Nelson Island, South Shetland Island Att274_e.pdf 208 kb
No. 134 (SSSI-15), Cierva Point offshore islands, Danco Coast, Antarctic Peninsula Att332_e.pdf 521 kb
No. 135 (SSSI-16), North-East Bailey Peninsula, Budd Coast, Wilkes Land Att392_e.pdf 1.03 Mb
No. 136 (SSSI-17), Clark Peninsula, Budd Coast, Wilkes Land Att425_e.pdf 3.15 Mb
No. 137 (SSSI-18), Northwest White Island, McMurdo Sound Att393_e.pdf 208 kb
No. 138 (SSSI-19), Linnaeus Terrace, Asgard Range, Victoria Land Att394_e.pdf 219 Mb
No. 139 (SSSI-20), Biscoe Point, Anvers Island Att212_e.pdf 346 kb
No. 140 (SSSI-21), Shores of Port Foster, Deception Island, South Shetland Islands Att291_e.pdf 1.24 Mb
No. 141 (SSSI-22), Yukidori Valley, Langhovde, Lutzow-Holm Bay Att205_e.pdf 395 kb
No. 142 (SSSI-23), Svarthamaren Mountains, Muhlig-HofmannMountians, Queen Maud Land Att426_e.pdf 351 kb
No. 143 (SSSI-25), Marine Plain, Mule Peninsula, Vestfold Hills, Princess Elizabeth Land Att193_e.pdf 537 kb
No. 144 (SSSI-26), Chile Bay (Discovery Bay) Att145_e.pdf 50 kb
No. 145 (SSSI-27), Port Foster, Deception Island, South Shetland Islands Att284_e.pdf 136 kb
No. 146 (SSSI-28), South Bay, Doumer Island, Palmer Archipelago Att147_e.pdf 73 kb
No. 147 (SSSI-29), Ablation Point-Ganymede Heights, Alexander Island Att188_e.pdf 331 kb
No. 148 (SSSI-31), Mount Flora, Hope Bay, Antarctic Peninsula Att189_e.pdf 298 kb
No. 149 (SSSI-32), Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands Att275_e.pdf 290 kb
No. 150 (SSSI-33), Ardley Island, Maxwell Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Islands Att427_e.pdf 1.08 Mb
No. 151 (SSSI-34), Lions Rump, King George Island, South Shetland Islands Att203_e.pdf 804 kb
No. 152 (SSSI-35), Western Bransfield Strait, Antarctic Peninsula Att428_e.pdf 846 kb
No. 153 (SSSI-36), East Dallmann Bay, Antarctic Peninsula Att429_e.pdf 1.25 Mb
No. 154 (SSSI-37) Botany Bay, Cape Geology, Victoria Land Att395_e.pdf 498 kb
No. 155 (SPA-25), Cape Evans, Ross Island Att396_e.pdf 298 kb
No. 156 (SPA-26), Lewis Bay, Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Ross Sea Att197_e.pdf 617 kb
No. 157 (SPA-27), Backdoor Bay, Cape Royds, Ross Island Att277_e.pdf 598 kb
No. 158 (SPA-28), Hut Point, Ross Island Att278_e.pdf 536 kb
No. 159 (SPA-29), Cape Adare Att279_e.pdf 315 kb
No. 160, Frazier Island, Wilkes Land Att397_e.pdf 323 kb
No. 161, Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea Att398_e.pdf 321 kb
No. 162, Maswson's Huts, Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, George V Land, East Antarctica Att430_e.pdf 3.90 Mb
No. 163, Dakshin Gangotri Glacier, Queen Maud Land Att280_e.pdf 502 kb
No. 164, Scullin and Murray Monoliths, Mac Robertson Land, East Antarctica Att281_e.pdf 640 kb
No. 165, Edmonson Point, Wood Bay, Ross Sea Att334_e.pdf 647 kb
No. 166, Port-Martin, Terre-Adelie Att337_e.pdf 276 kb
No. 167, Hawker Island, Vestfold Hills, Ingrid Christensen Coast, Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica Att336_e.pdf 577 kb
No. 168, Moutn Harding, Grove Mountains, East Antarctica Att386_e.pdf 766 kb
No. 169, Amanda Bay, Ingrid Christensen Coast Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica Att387_e.pdf 309 kb
No. 170, Marion Nunataks, Charcot Island, Antarctic Peninsula Att388_e.pdf 318 kb
No. 171, Narebski Point, Barton Peninsula, King George Island Att431_e.pdf 1.21 Mb

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