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Local and Indigenous Community Engagement and the Co-Production of Knowledge in NSF-Funded Arctic Science and Research

salmon camp
David Harrison works with others to teach salmon processing during
the 2019 annual culture and fish camp, Nay'dini'aa Na'kayax, hosted by the
Chickaloon Village Traditional Council. Image: Colleen Strawhacker

Arctic Community Engagement (ACE)

NSF recognizes the importance of including Indigenous peoples in Arctic science and research efforts. This website contains information on a range of NSF programs, initiatives, external collaborations, and other resources that aim to facilitate effective and respectful engagement with local and Indigenous peoples in Arctic research, education, and outreach activities. This list is not exhaustive of all scholarship and resources made by other organizations on this topic but provides a starting place for NSF-funded researchers, Arctic residents, Indigenous communities, and collaborators to better understand how the Foundation is supporting work and expanding collaborations in this space.

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