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Navigating the New Arctic (NNA)

NNA diagram

What is Navigating the New Arctic?
Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) tackles convergent scientific challenges in the rapidly changing Arctic, that are needed to inform the economy, security and resilience of the Nation, the larger region and the globe. Major goals of NNA include:

  • Improved understanding of Arctic change and its local and global effects that capitalize on innovative and optimized observation infrastructure, advances in understanding of fundamental processes, and new approaches to modeling interactions among the natural environment, built environment, and social systems.
  • New and enhanced research communities that are diverse, integrative, and well-positioned to carry out productive research on the interactions or connections between natural and built environments and social systems and how these connections inform our understanding of Arctic change and its local and global effects.
  • Research outcomes that inform national security, economic development, and societal well-being, and enable resilient and sustainable Arctic communities.
  • Enhanced efforts in formal and informal education that focus on the social, built, and natural impacts of Arctic change on multiple scales and broadly disseminate research outcomes.

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