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Twin Otter and Basler (DC-3)

Twin Otter

Twin Otter. (NSF photo by Sean Loutitt)

Twin Otters

When required, deHavilland Twin Otter turboprop airplanes are chartered for operations in Antarctica. Skis are fitted, and the planes can land on open snow and ice. The payload and range of a Twin Otter are less than those of the LC-130, but greater than those of the helicopters.

Twin Otter in flight

Twin Otter in flight. (NSF photo by Kristan Hutchinson.)


While not as large as the LC-130s, the Basler has greater range and carry more cargo than the Twin Otters — about two half times greater. They are also fitted with skis and can make open field landings.

Twin Otter in flight

Kenn Borek Basler airplane at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in October 2009. (NSF photo by Ella Derbyshire.)