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Physics Classroom Resources

This collection of lessons and web resources is aimed at classroom teachers, their students, and students' families.

PBS Learning Media
Resource: Educators (filterable by grade preK-12), Students
PBS and PBS member stations have curated free, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers and students of all ages. The resources are organized for browsing by subject or by grade.

K-12 Curriculum: Physics
Resource: Educators (grades K-12)
Part of the Teach Engineering website, this section provides educators with numerous lesson plans and engaging activities to teach concepts in physics to elementary through high school students. Popular lessons include "Kinetic and Potential Energy of Motion" and "Physics of Roller Coasters."

IPPEX! The Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience
Resource: Educator (high school and above)
This site explores plasma physics topics ranging from electricity, magnetism, energy and fusion, with iinteractive and animated lessons and opportunities to participate remotely in scientific research. There also is a secton for submitting questions to a plasma physicist. The website is sponsored by the Princeton Plasma Physics Lagboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy national lab.

Atomic Archive
Resource: Educators (middle and high school) and Students (middle and high school)
This site focuses on the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb, which it calls "a crucial turning point for all mankind." The site offers basic information on nuclear issues, an image and video gallery, facts about nuclear facilities and test sites, and a resource library with biographies, historical documents and an extensive glossary of nuclear terms.

ASPIRE--Astrophysics Science Project Integrating Research & Education
Resource: EducatorS (grades 6-12) and Students
This astrophysics website, offers a variety of inquiry-based content, along with interactive, hands-on lessons with a strong focus on physics. It's intended for middle and high school students and teachers.

American Association of Physics Teachers
Resource: Educators
The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) website presents research, resources and professional development opportunities for physics educators with the goal of enhancing understanding and appreciation for physics through teaching.

American comPADRE: Resources for Physics and Astronomy Education
Resource: Educators (grades K-12) and Students
This provides a variety of resources to support faculty, students and teachers in physics and astronomy education. There are links to fun physics images and articles, resources for K-12 teachers, and research-based resources and events for faculty.

Activity-Based Physics
Resource: Educators (high school and above)
The Activity-Based Physics website is the work of a multi-university collaborative team seeking to make introductory physics courses more effective and exciting at the high school and college levels. The goal is to develop new instructional strategies and materials, using activity-based models, informed by extensive classroom testing and educational research. The site includes alternative hoomework assignments for physics students.

Contributions of 20th-Century Women to Physics
Resource: Students (middle and high school)
A UCLA searchable archive of material about 83 women of the 20th century who have made original and important contributions to physics. The site includes pictures, histories and well documented descriptions of their contributions. Women whose contributions came after 1976 are not included.