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Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Division of Shared Cyberinfrastructure

The Division of Shared Cyberinfrastructure (SCI) supports the design, development, and deployment of a set of interconnected computational engines, data repositories, digital libraries, sensors and field-specific instruments known as cyberinfrastructure. Such resources are widely shared across multiple scientific and engineering domains and enable the creation of shared digital knowledge environments where researchers and educators create and promulgate new knowledge across distance, time, and fields of expertise. Some of the areas of activity include:

  • High-Performance Computational Infrastructure—The SCI Division supports the acquisition, operation, and upgrade of national infrastructure in support of high-end computation for the academic research community. These resources may include supercomputers, high-capacity mass-storage systems, system software suites and programming environments, productivity software libraries and tools, large-scale data repositories, and the experts and support staff that create and maintain the facilities.
  • Advanced Networking Technologies and Infrastructure—The SCI Division supports networks of various research and granularity—from high-speed backbone networks that connect high-performance computational resources and high-end instrumentation sites, to wireless networks that connect embedded sensor nodes in remote scientific field sites. SCI fosters deployment of networks and development and fielding of networking technologies that enhance cyberinfrastructure. Some of the key areas include end-to-end networking protocols; performance monitoring tools and measurement infrastructure; wireless networks; strategic international collaborations; and testbeds to support trial deployment.
  • Advanced Services and Cyberinfrastructure Tools—There is a need for development and SCI supports development of an array of software tools and services that hide the implementation complexities and heterogeneity while offering clean logical interfaces to users. These tools and services include information management systems and data services; scalable interactive visualization tools; middleware service building blocks for high-end computational resources; and networked instrumentations and sensors.

In each of the above areas, the SCI Division stresses fielding, testing, and ongoing support of advanced technologies beyond basic proof-of-concept demonstrations. SCI collaborates with all NSF Directorates and Offices to ensure that the advancement of cyberinfrastructure will meet the demands of tomorrow’s science and engineering communities.

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