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Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Project Director Award Amount
Project Title
9724185 Akron, U of Sancaktar, Erol $142,865
Acquisition of a Pulse Excimer Laser for Polymer Engineering and Crystal Growth Research
9724564 Alabama, U of - Huntsville Perkey, Donald J. $153,295
Satellite Ground Station Acquisition for Regional and Global Studies
9724531 Albert Einstein College of Medicine Almo, Steven $586,000
Beamline X9A: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Macromolecular Crystallography
9724454 American Museum of Natural History Barnett, William K. $374,430
Acquisition of a New Scanning Electron Microscope and Energy Dispersive Spectrometry System
9610374 Arizona, U of Lichtenberger, Dennis $210,000
Development of a Chemical Crystallography Resource Center
9724223 Arizona, U of - Tucson Armstrong, Neal R. $350,000
Acquisition of an X-Ray/UV Photoelectron Spectrometer with Imaging Capabilities to Address Issues of Surface Chemistry and Materials Characterization
9724638 Associated Universities, Inc. National Radio Astronomy Observatory Perley, Richard A. $466,000
Development of a Fiber Optic Link to Double the Angular Resolution of the Very Large Array
9724462 Augustana College Swets, Daniel L. $97,910
Acquisition of Laboratory Equipment for Parallel Algorithm Research in Image Processing
9724293 Bartol Research Inst Bieber, John W. $1,200,000
Development of a Polar Network of Cosmic Ray Observatories
9724350 Baylor College of Medicine Chiu, Wah $1,000,000
Acquisition of a 300 keV FEG Electron Cryomicroscope
9724335 Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. Carlson, Craig A. $104,633
Acquisition of a Research Microscope and Image Analysis System
9724282 Boston U Murray, Richard W. $100,000
Acquisition and Upgrade of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Lab for Geological, Oceanographic, and Environmental Chemical Research
9724321 Bowdoin College Broene, Richard D. $105,000
Acquisition of a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
9724388 Brown U Briant, Clyde $143,200
Acquisition of Electrodischarge Machining Equipment and an Argon Ion Laser
9724347 Brown U Fulcomer, Samuel G. $1,000,000
Acquisition of a CAVE and Shared-Memory Supercomputer
9724500 California Inst of Tech Blake, Geoffrey A. $333,000
Development of Novel, Compact Light Sources for Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Atmospheric Science, and Materials Research
9724240 California Inst of Tech Davis, Mark E. $602,000
Acquisition of Solid-State NMR Equipment
9724528 California State U - Northridge Prince, Stewart $103,993
Development of a Paperless Machine Design Research Facility
9724412 California, U of - Davis Smith, Gary M. $596,400
Comprehensive Upgrade of a Shared Campus NMR Facility
9724595 California, U of - Irvine D'Zmura, Michael $530,000
Acquisition of Equipment for a Virtual Reality Laboratory for Vision, Visumotor and Synthetic Environment Research
9724535 California, U of - La Jolla Schultz, Sheldon $364,480
Development of a Scanning Plasmon Resonant Probe Microscope for Ultra Resolution of Fluorescent, Raman, and Immuno-Labeled Molecules
9724366 California, U of - Los Angeles Gekelman, Walter $1,300,000
To Upgrade a Large Plasma Device
9724392 California, U of - Riverside Okamura, William H. $300,000
Upgrade of NMR Instrumentation in a College Wide Facility
9709183 California, U of - San Diego Charles, L. Perrin $250,000
Modernization of the UCSD General-Use NMR Facilities
9724254 California, U of - Santa Barbara Safinya, Cyrus $295,530
Acquisition of Optical Imaging Instrumentation for Biomolecular and Complex Materials Characterization
9724302 California, U of - Santa Cruz Seiden, Abraham $156,361
Acquisition of Automatic Probe Station and Automatic Wire Bonder
9724237 California, U of - Santa Cruz Wilhelms, Jane $460,000
Acquisition of UCSC Scientific Visualization Lab
9724436 California, U of -Santa Barbara Sherwin, Mark $322,700
Development of a Tunable Picosecond Source of Far-Infrared Radiation
9724189 California, U of -Scripps Institute of Oceanography Hilton, David $277,718
Acquisition of a Laser Probe - Rare Gas Mass Spectrometry System for Research in Earth Sciences
9724633 California, U of -Scripps Institute of Oceanography Orcutt, John A. $252,517
A Network and Mass Store Upgrade at IGPP
9724409 Carnegie Inst of Washington Carlson, Richard $574,172
Acquisition of a Multiple Collector Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Geochronological and Cosmochemical Applications
9724317 Carnegie Inst of Washington Cody, George D. $225,828
Acquisition of a Deptmental Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Organic Geochemistry, Established Petrology, and Mineral Physics
9724286 Chicago, U of Hammond, Kristian $549,452
Acquisition of Computational Resources for the Development of an Intelligent Information Lab
9709039 Chicago, U of Jeremy K. Burdett $117,500
Purchase of Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrumentation for Studies of Biomolecular Recognition at Interfaces
9724473 Chicago, U of Karr, Timothy $580,084
Acquisition and Operation of a Light Microscopy and Digital Imaging Facility
9724271 Clemson U Geist, Robert M. $500,000
Acquisition of a Silicon Graphics Workstation for Modeling, Simulation, and Virtualization of Physical Phenomena
9724557 Clemson U Wing, Rod A. $1,265,027
Acquisition of Major Multiuser Research Instrumentation for the Study of Plant, Fungal and Insect Genomics
9724238 Colgate U April, Richard H. $101,287
Acquisition of an Analytical X-Ray Facility for Colgate U, Dept. of Geology
9711889 Colorado School of Mines Linne, Mark A. $213,559
Instrumentation Development-Novel Demodulation Techniques (Single-Point and 2-D) for Picosecond Laser-Based Combustion Diagnostics
9724570 Colorado, U of - Boulder Avery, Susan K. $610,000
Development of the Platteville Atmospheric Observatory
9724283 Columbia U - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Mutter, John C. $1,800,000
Acquisition of a Syntrack 480-24 Multichannel Seismic Imaging Capability for the R/V Ewing
9724291 Cornell U DiSalvo, Francis $301,000
Acquisition of an Electron Microprobe
9724610 Cornell U Krusius, J.P. $1,000,000
Development of Precision Interconnect Cluster Tool for High Density, High Precision Interconnect Research
9724446 Cornell U - Arecibo Observatory Goldsmith, Paul F. $351,450
Consortium Proposal for VLBA-Compatible Astronomical VLBI Capability at the Arecibo Observatory
9724553 CUNY - Queens College Schwarz, Steven $505,000
Acquisition of a Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer for the Garcia Center Consortium at Queens College
9724268 CUNY, City College of Lee, John J. $128,830
Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope
9724404 Delaware, U of Wagner, Norman J. $108,000
cquisition of a Facility for Computational Research in Chemical Sciences and Engineering
9724506 Denver, U of Stencel, Robert E. $503,550
TNTCAM MARK II - A New Mid-Infrared Instrument
9724529 Denver, U of -Colorado Seminary Stephen, Thomas $271,806
Acquisition of an Ultra High Resolution Spectrometer System for Atmospheric Science
9724184 Drexel U Gealt, Michael $320,000
Acquisition of an ICP-MS as an Institutional Resource
9724429 Eastern Michigan U - Ypsilanti Snyder, Donald M. $29,400
Acquisition of a Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering Instrument for Determination of Molecular Weights and Shapes for Macromolecular Systems
9724635 Florida, U of - Gainesville Bowers, C. Russell $386,500
Acquisition of High Resolution Solids NMR Capability at the U of Florida
9724534 Florida, U of - Gainesville Tlusty, Jiri $176,094
Development of a National High Speed Machining Research and Test Facility
9711991 Franklin and Marshall College Adkins, Gregory S. $35,000
Acquisition of a High Performance Workstation for the Calculation of the Properties of Positronium and Other Bound Systems
9724191 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res. Ctr Stoddard, Barry L. $135,125
X-ray Area Detector for Structural Biology
9724489 George Washington U Dhuga, Kalvir S. $107,200
Development of a Linearly-Polarized Photon Facility in Hall B at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
9724303 Georgia Inst of Tech Landman, Uzi $500,000
Parallel Computer System for Investigations of Complex Materials
9724471 Georgia Tech Research Corp Glezer, Ari $330,000
Acquisition of Equipment for a Lab for Micromachined Fluidic Sensors and Actuators
9720170 Georgia, U of - Athens Landau, David P. $420,000
Acquisition of a Symmetric Multiprocessor Scientific Computer System
9724351 Gustavus Adolphus College Saulnier, Paul $101,939
Acquisition of Equipment for Acoustical, Optical, and Computational Scattering Studies
9724370 Hampton U Baker, Oliver $265,000
ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker Instrumentation
9724568 Harvard University Bloxham, Jeremy $178,885
Acquisition of a Computational Facility for Numerical Dynamo Theory
9724364 Harvey Mudd College Van Ryswyk, Hal $149,100
Acquisition of a 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research in Chemistry by Harvey Mudd College
9724465 Hawaii, U of Duennebier, Fred $653,289
HUGO: The Hawaii Undersea Geo-Observatory, System Augmentation
9724464 Hawaii, U of Flament, Pierre $674,816
Acquisition and Operation of an array of High Frequency RADARs for Observing Surface Currents in Hawaii Coastal Waters
9724296 Hope College Silver, Michael E. $150,000
Purchase of a 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer
9724344 Houston, U of Hardin, Susan H. $225,810
Acquisition of a Biosensor
9724542 Idaho, U of - Moscow Griffiths, Peter R. $220,000
Purchase of 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer
9724294 Illinois, U of -Urbana-Champaign Robinson, Ian $1,300,000
Development of a Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Instrument
9724491 Incorp Research Inst for Seismology Simpson, David $550,104
Development of the Hawaii-2 Observatory: Deployment and Installation
9724492 Incorp Research Inst for Seismology Simpson, David $576,979
Acquisition of a Mass Store for the IRIS Data Management Center
9724216 Indiana U - Bloomington Cameron, J. $323,950
Equipment for Polarized Beam Production for the IUCF Cooler Injector
9711121 Iowa State U Miller, Gordon J. $182,000
Acquisition of a CCD-Based X-Ray Diffractometer
9724295 Iowa, U of - Iowa City Goff, Harold M. $290,000
Acquisition of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Chemical Science Research
9724523 Iowa, U of - Iowa City Ray, Malcolm $355,940
Acquisition of a High Performance Computing Environment for the CCAD
9709020 Johns Hopkins U David E. Draper $120,900
Development of a Frecuency Domain Spectrometer for Photoluminisence, Anisotropy, and Photoelectrochemical Characterization of Excited States
9724408 Johns Hopkins U Wilson, Katherine L. $422,223
Acquisition of a High-Resolution, Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
9724289 Kansas State U Rahman, Talat $350,000
Acquisition of Upgraded High Performance Multiprocessors for Computational Research in Science and Engineering
9724599 Kansas, U of - Lawrence Besson, David Z. $231,905
Acquisition of Testing and Measurement Equipment at Kansas in Conjunction with the RICE Neutrino Astrophysics Experiment at the South Pole
9724371 Louisville, U of Cohn, Robert W. $150,000
Acquisition of Versatile Non-Contact Surface Profiling Microscopes for Characterizing Microtopographic Surfaces
9724487 Maryland, U of - Baltimore Lederer, W. Jonathan $433,019
Acquisition of a Two-Photo Microscope System for a Multi-User Facility
9724627 Massachusetts General Hospital Vaughan, J. Thomas $217,484
Electromagnetics Analysis System for NMR
9724591 Massachusetts Inst of Tech Nocera, Daniel G. $150,000
Acquisition of Nanosecond to sub-Picosecond Time-Resolved Laser Instruementation
9724200 Massachusetts Inst of Tech Haystack Observatory Salah, Joseph $136,390
Acquisition of Instrumentation for a Doppler Lidar System
9724290 Massachusetts, U of - Amherst Lau, Kei May $400,000
Acquisition of a Commercial OMCVD System for Compound Semiconductor Material and Device Research
9724611 Massachusetts, U of - Medical School Fay, Fredric S. $458,016
Development of Instrumentation for Digital Imaging Fluorescence Microscopy
9724192 Miami U Novak, Michael $100,000
Acquisition of an Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer
9724212 Miami, U of Reid, R. Pamela $460,000
Acquisition of a Field-Emission Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope: A Critical Component of the U of Miami Ctr for Advanced Microscopy
9724299 Michigan State U Glasmacher, Thomas $1,150,000
Acquisition of a High Efficiency Segmented Germanium Detector Array for Nuclear Structure Experiments with Exotic Beams
9724193 Michigan State U - East Lansing Rothwell, Edward J. $151,958
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Ultra-Wide-Band Short-Pulse Electromagnetic Interrogation of Targets and Materials
9724265 Michigan, U of - Ann Arbor Murnane, Margaret $1,402,000
Development of an Advanced High Field Science Laser Facility at the Ctr. for Ultrafast Optical Science
9724432 Minnesota, U of -Duluth Wattrus, Nigel $238,102
Acquisition of an Instrument Package for Great Lakes Research
9724187 Mississippi, U of O'Haver, John $119,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe/Atomic Force Microscope
9724414 Missouri, U of - Rolla Sudhoff, Scott $135,447
Acquisition of Equipment for Research in High-Speed Electronics and Power Electronics
9724353 Montana State U -Bozeman Camper, Anne $400,000
Acquisition of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
9724504 Mount Sinai School of Medicine Henderson, Scott $331,087
Acquisition of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope for Institutional Core Imaging Facility
9724330 Mount Sinai School of Medicine Laws, William R. $510,906
Development of a Multichannel Time-Resolved Fluorometer for Macro and Microstudies
9724281 New Jersey Inst of Tech Akansu, A.N. $500,000
Laboratory for Multimedia Signal Processing and Communication
9709174 New Mexico, U of Allen, Fritz $300,000
Purchase of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer
9724559 New York U Shelley, Michael J. $800,000
Acquisition of a Simulation and Visualization Facility for Fluid Dynamics Research
9724493 Norfolk State U McFarlane, Kenneth W. $265,000
Development of the ATLAS TRT, a New Instrument for Particle Identification
9724338 North Carolina A&T State U Chen, John C. $25,115
Acquisition of a High-Speed Imaging System for Experiment Visualization
9724387 North Carolina State U Hauser, John R. $369,950
Acquisition of Chemical Mechanical Polishing System for Semiconductor Research
9724279 North Carolina State U Narayan, J. $600,000
Field Emission Atomic Resolution Electron Microscope
9724571 North Texas, U of McDaniel, Floyd $489,000
Development of an Accelerator-Based Heavy-Ion Microprobe Users Facility
9724613 Northeastern U Bansil, Arun $600,000
Acquisition of a High Performance Computation/Visualization Lab for Scientific Research
9724252 Northern Arizona U Keim, Paul S. $176,388
Acquisition of DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Instrumentation for Diverse Biological Applications
9724220 Northern Illinois U Blazey, Gerald C $354,000
High-Energy Physics Consortium: Development of a Level-2 Trigger for the Study of 2000GeV Proton Antiproton Collisions
9724277 Northwestern U Dravid, Vinayak $414,120
Acquisition of a Scanning Focused Ion Beam (FIB) System
9724312 Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine Kawalec, Jill $36,050
Acquisition of an MTS Model 858 Low Force Mini Bionix Biomechanical Test System
9708892 Ohio State U Coleman, Robert $287,500
Upgrade of Ohio State University Chemistry Department NMR Facility
9724416 Ohio State U Thompson, Lonnie G. $199,200
Temperature Reconstruction by Stable Isotope Analysis of Ice Cores from the Poles to the Tropics
9724594 Oklahoma, U of - Norman Crawford, Kenneth $1,509,729
The OASIS Project: Oklahoma Atmospheric and Surface-Layer Instrumentation System
9724518 Oregon State U Leichti, Robert J. $129,338
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Mechanical Testing of Bio-Based Materials
9724508 Pennsylvania State U - University Park Brantley, S. $175,120
Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer for Geological, Soil, and Environmental Analysis
9724639 Pennsylvania State U - University Park Long, Lyle $469,082
Acquisition of Advanced Parallel Computational and Graphical Facilities
9724486 Pennsylvania, U of - Philadelphia Klein, Michael $183,360
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Imaging and Micromanipulation of Soft Materials
9724620 Pittsburgh, U of Kagel, John H. $94,100
Acquisition of Network System for the Established Analysis of Economic Behavior
9724418 Pomona College Steinmetz, Wayne E. $105,000
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research and Research Training in Chemistry
9724563 Purdue U Mitchell, Cary A. $450,000
Acquisition of Controlled Environment Plant-Growth Chambers for Plant Biology Research
9724495 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst Goldberg, Mark K. $120,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation to Facilitate Large Scale Parallel Computation
9724425 Ripon College Scamehorn, Richard G. $100,000
Acquisition of a 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer
9603486 Rochester, U of Frank L. Wolfs $328,129
onstruction of the PHOBOS time-of-flight wall
9724197 Rutgers U - Piscataway Mendelsohn, Richard $140,000
Acquisition of a Versatile Raman Spectrometer for the Chemistry Dept
9724544 Sacred Heart U Griffin, John D. $94,500
Acquisition of neurobiology equipment to characterize the physiological responses and anatomical pathways involved in the generation of a fever by hypothalamic thermoregulatory control nerons
9724250 Salk Inst for Biological Studies Craig, Anthony G. $130,000
Acquisition of an Electrospray Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
9724666 Santa Fe Inst Jen, Erica $202,377
MRI Program: A New Computational Infrastructure at the Sante Fe Inst
9724360 South Dakota School of Mines Jenkins, Christopher H.M. $100,361
Acquisition of Enhanced Instrumentation for Dynamic Systejms Analysis
9724532 South Dakota School of Mines Kellar, Jon $182,000
Acquisition of Atomic Force/Scanning Tunneling and Interfacial Force Microscopes
9724422 South Florida, U of Sarkar, Sudeep $114,997
Acquisition of a Cyberware 3D Scanner to Facilitate State of Art Research in Computer Vision and Graphics
9724567 Southern California, U of Sawchuk, Alexander $712,320
Acquisition of Equipment for an Integrated Media Research Network: High Perf. Processors and Networks for Video Compression, Distributed Visualization, Database Systems, and Collaborative Telepresence
9724517 Southern Methodist U Dunham, Margaret $150,000
A Laboratory for Telecommunications Management Network Research
9724357 Southern Methodist U Kovacevic, Radovan $198,766
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Thermal Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
9724458 St. John's U Schaller, Chris P. $28,650
Acquisition of an Inert Atmosphere Drybox for Organometallic Chemistry Research
9724401 St. Joseph's U Snetselaar, Karen M. $99,469
Acquisition of Two Microscopes with Image Processing and Analysis Instrumentation, for Biological Research
9722119 Stanford U Robert L. Byer $300,000
An Engineered Test Facility Vacuum System For Rapid Prototyping in Support of Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector Research
9724198 Stanford U Stebbins, Jonathan $722,568
Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research on Solid and Molten Materials in the Earth, Materials, and Chemical Sciences
9724501 SUNY - Stony Brook Parise, John B. $295,518
Acquisition of a CCD-Based X-Ray Diffraction Facility for Earth Science and Chemistry Research
9724573 SUNY - Syracuse Hanna, Robert B. $114,050
Acquisition of a low vacuum scanning electron microscopy for a multidisiplinary service facility at SUNY-CESF
9724225 SUNY- Stony Brook Demes, Brigitte $138,502
Acquistion of a Motion Analysis Facility for the Study of Primate Locomotion at SUNY, Stony Brook
9724435 Tennessee, U of Compton, R. N. $157,200
Acquisition of an Optical Parametric Oscillator Laser System
9724476 Tennessee, U of - Knoxville Liaw, Peter K. $300,000
Mechanical Property Evaluation Equipment
9724331 Texas A&M U -TX Engineering Experiment Station Archer, Lynden $100,623
Acquisition of Micro Laser Raman Spectrometer
9724632 Texas A&M U -TX Engineering Experiment Station Bonner, James S. $175,000
Acquisition of a GC-LC/MS System for Bioremediation Research
9724497 Texas, U of - Arlington Lewis, Frank L. $110,091
Acquisition of MRI Equipment for Next Generation 'Supervisory and Real-Time Controller for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Workcells.'
9724625 Texas, U of - Austin Goodenough, John B. $175,000
Double Ellipsoid Image Furnace for Growth of Ceramic Single Crystals
9724555 Texas, U of - Austin Stoffa, Paul $399,112
Acquisition of an Origin 2000 for Seismic Research
9724273 Texas, U of - Health Science Center Hansen, Jeffrey C. $342,140
Acquisition of Beckman XL-1 Analytical Ultracentrifuges
9724305 Texas, U of -El Paso Drucker, Jeff $292,810
Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope and an Atomic Force Microscope for Investigators in the Environmental, Life and Material Sciences
9724245 Utah State U Walker, Homer F. $79,946
Acquisition of a High-Performance Computer for Mathematical Sciences Applications
9724315 Utah, U of Miller, Jan D. $350,000
Acquisition of an X-ray Microscale Computed Tomography Imaging System
9708413 Utah, U of Poulter, C. D. $292,500
Purchase of a Tandem Mass Spectrometer for Research in Chemistry
9724307 Utah, U of - Salt Lake City Beebe, Thomas $516,000
Acquisition of a Time-of-Flight Secondary-Ion Mass Spec Surface Analysis System
9724442 Vermont, U of Warshaw, David M. $353,000
Development of a Single Molecule Laser Optical Trap/Fluorescence Detection System
9724190 Vermont, U of -State Agricultural College Bierman, Paul R. $106,166
Acquisition of Equipment for Integrated Environmental Research and Education in Recent Sediments and Surface Processes
9724552 Virginia, U of - Charlottesville Grimshaw, Andrew $280,000
Development of a 25 Gigaflop Machine for Computational and Computer Science Research
9724352 Washington College Spilich, George $54,669
Intrumenting a Cognitive Neuroscience Research Lab
9724256 Washington U Balota, David A. $176,157
Development of Neuroimage Analysis Laboratory
9710008 Washington, U of Hopkins, Paul $212,000
Upgrade of the UW Chemistry Department NMR Facility
9724426 Washington, U of - Seattle Garbini, Joseph L. $487,696
Development of Instrumentation for the Study of Atomic-Scale Biological Structure by Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
9724502 Washington, U of - Seattle Stanton, John F. $609,615
Instrumentation for Structural and Geotechnical Experiments
9724683 West Virginia U Stolzenberg, Alan M. $120,000
Acquisition of an EPR Spectrometer for Chemistry
9724186 Western Kentucky U Tiryakioglu, Murat $280,000
Acquisition of Workstation Computers, Rapid Prototyper and Digital Scanner for a Cross-Departmental Laboratory
9708978 William Marsh Rice U Glass, Graham $382,500
Proposal for Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer
9724246 Williams College Strait, Jefferson $143,912
Core Equipment for a Student/Faculty Research Laser Facility
9724514 Wisconsin, U of - Madison Price, T. Douglas $308,000
Acquisition of a High-Resolution Laser-Ablation ICP-MS for Lab for Archaeological Chemistry
9711869 Woods Hole Ocean Inst Schmitt, Raymond W. $560,000
Development of a Low Cost, Stable CTD Measurement System for Autonomous Oceanographic Instruments
9724383 Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst Butman, Cheryl Ann $365,452
Acquisition of a Racetrack Flume and Other State-of-the-Art Instrumentation Required for Flowing Seawater, Lab Studies of Marine Coastal Processes
9724499 Wyoming, U of - Laramie Vogelmann, T.C. $354,444
Development of a Scanning Photoacoustic Instrument with Microscopic Resolution for Studies of Leaf Structure-Function and Photosynthesis Within Tissues