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Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Project Director Award Amount
Project Title
0074544 Akron, U of Han $103,000
Acquisition of a Rheometer for Polymer Materials Research and Education
0079829 Alabama, U of - Huntsville Knupp $194,660
A Passive Microwave Radiometer System for Diverse Atmospheric Measurements
0079498 Alabama, U of - Tuscaloosa Kispert $352,677
Acquisition of a High Field (W-Band) Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Chemistry and Physics at The University of Alabama
0079690 Alabama, U of - Tuscaloosa Klein $196,632
Acquisition of Surface Characterization Research Equipment for the Interdisciplinary Study of Materials Growth and Gas-Solid Reactions at Surfaces
0079747 Arizona, U of Raghavan $300,000
Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM)System for Research and Research Training in the Optical Characterization of the Surface of Materials in Air and in Liquids
0079240 Arkansas, U of Wilkins $412,343
Development of An Instrument for Aerosol and Bacteria Analysis by Laser Desorption FTM
0079790 Arkansas, U of Salamo $390,000
cquisition of a Nanolithographic Instrument fpr Omvestogatopms om Nanoscience
0079797 Auburn U Liu $196,334
Acquisition of equipment for genomics at Auburn University
0043653 AUI/Nat Radio Ast Obser Giacconi $270,647
Cooperative Agreement for the Management, Operation of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory
0079748 Baylor College of Medicine Brinkley $269,970
Integrated Microscopy Instrumentation Upgrades
0079326 Beloit College Davidson $100,000
Acquisition of a scanning electron microscope, Beloit College
0079966 Benedictine U Ferroni $52,500
Acquisition of an isothermal titration calorimetry system
0079588 Boston U FitzGerald $111,692
Acquisition of Near-Surface Geophysical and Sampling Equipment for Earth Surface Processes and Quaternary Stratigraphic Research
0079541 Boston U Janes $236,766
Development of the Perkins ReImaging SysteM (PRISM) at Boston University for Astronomical Studies
0079449 Boston U Carey $229,680
Collaborative Research: The MuLAN Project -- Development of Instrumentation for a New High-Precision Determination of the Fermi Coupling Constant
0079799 Brigham Young U Swindlehurst $370,567
Development of a Comprehensive Real-Time Instrument for MIMO Wireless Channel Measurement and Space-Time Coding Implementation
0079723 Brown U Breuer $100,000
Development of a Multi-Spectral Fluid/Solid Micro-Motion Measurement System
0079628 Brown U Ling $151,200
Acquisition of A Workhorse Electron Beam Lithography System for Microstructured Materials and Devices Researc
0079871 California Inst of Tech Dimotakis $1,399,089
Development of the Distributed Teravoxel Data System: Acquisition, Networking, Archiving, Analysis, and Visualization
0079767 California Inst of Tech Filippone $525,000
Acquisition of a Spectrometer and Detectors for Precision Nuclear Physics Measurements of Neutron Beta Decay
0079933 California State U - San Marcos Fdn Fabry $185,100
Acquisition of elemental analysis instrumentation for research and
0079243 California, U of - Berkeley Pruitt $252,276
Instrumentation Acquisition for the Development of a Wet Facility for Nano-Bioengineering
0079461 California, U of - Davis Smith $150,803
Comprehensive Upgrade of a Shared Campus NMR Facility
0079760 California, U of - Davis Cheer $199,993
Scientific Computing Research Environments for the Mathematical Sciences (SCREMS)
0079752 California, U of - Irvine Rentzepis $395,941
Development of Table Top Established System for Time Resolved Femtosecond to Nanosecond X-ray Diffraction and EXAFS in Solids and Liquids
0079375 California, U of - Los Angeles Smith $203,835
Acquisition of a microarray facility
0079842 California, U of - Los Angeles Yablonovitch $482,460
Acquisition of Equipment for Quantum Information Processing
0078983 California, U of - Riverside Sims $267,436
Purchase of NMR Spectrometer for the Agricultural Experiment Station
0079441 California, U of - San Francisco Agard $1,077,035
Acquisition of a 300KeV FEG Energy-Filtered Liquid Helium-Stage EM for 3D Analysis of Supramolecular & Cellular Structures
0079773 California, U of - Santa Barbara Butler $242,508
Acquisition of a Quadropole-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
0079757 California, U of - Santa Cruz Glatzmaier $538,819
Acquisition of a PC Cluster for Astrophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz
0079307 California, U of Scripps Inst of Ocean-San Diego Castillo $201,372
Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
0079739 Calvin College Adams $163,543
Acquisition and Analysis of a Multidisciplinary Beowulf Cluste
0079513 Carnegie Inst of Washington Mao $497,300
Development of Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Instrumentation for High Pressure Research at Advanced Photon Source
0079708 Carnegie-Mellon U Just $1,793,000
Acquisition of a 3 Tesla MRI Scanner for Brain Imaging by the University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie-Mellon Consortium
0079485 Carnegie-Mellon U Greve $209,867
Development of Equipment for Fabrication of Quantum Cellular Automata
0079416 Carnegie-Mellon U Hannon $358,400
Acquisition of a Low-Energy Electron Microscope
0079458 Case Western U Prakash $290,000
Acquisition of a high-speed digital imaging system for time-resolved measurements of short duration events
0079582 Central Arkansas, U of Hamilton $136,672
Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope for Natural Sciences Research and Training
0079793 Chicago, U of Ong $541,941
Development and Acquisition of Electronic Instrumentation for the VERITAS Consortium Array of High Energy Gamma-Ray Telescopes
0079734 Clemson U Ligon $662,435
Acquisition of a Computational Mini-Grid Supercomputing Facility
0079658 Coastal Carolina U Guentzel $103,636
Acquisition of Equipment for a Comprehensive Marine and Environmental Sciences Research Training Laboratory at Coastal Carolina University
0079569 Colby College Dunham $145,148
Upgrade of a 400-MHz NMR Spectrometer Vital for Chemistry Research and Education
0079348 College of the Holy Cross Smith $171,115
Acquisition of a 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Support Research and Education in the Chemistry Curriculum
0088911 College of William & Mary Saha $172,444
A Confocal Microscope for Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Biology
0079612 Colorado, U of - Boulder Randolph $192,500
Acquisition of a Nanoparticle Analysis Ensemble
0079719 Colorado, U of - Denver Knyazev $100,000
Acquisition of a High-Performance Parallel Computer for Mathematical Sciences and Applications
0079002 Connecticut, U of Aindow $620,000
Acquisition of an Automated Digital Transmission Electron Microscope
0079707 Connecticut, U of - Health Center Adams $100,000
Acquisition of Ultra High Precision Low Force Material Test System for Micromechanical Measurement of Tissue and Material Constitutive Behavior at Small Length Scales
0079443 Cornell U Tiwari $385,000
Consortium: Equipment for Remote Usage, Access, and Learning at NNUN
0078826 CUNY - City College Koplik $235,586
Parallel Computer Equipment for the Levich Institute of CCNY
0079700 CUNY - Hunter College Bromage $99,507
Acquisition of real-time 3D and confocal microscopy for bone microstructure and life history studies of human and non-human primates
0079523 Dartmouth College Wegner $208,174
Acquisition of a new Infrared Detector for Astronomical Research
0079830 Drexel U Desai $158,177
Acquisition of a Complete Whole Arm Manipulator (WAM) Robot System'
0071384 East Carolina U Stellwag $132,930
RUI: Acquisition of Automated DNA Sequencing Equipment for East Carolina University
0079627 Emory U Morokuma $300,000
Aquisition of Computer Systems for Computational Chemistry and Chemical Physics
0079710 Florida Inst of Tech Fulton $177,552
Parallel Algorithm Development on an upgraded Beowulf Cluster
0079490 Florida International U Jones $264,765
Acquisition of a cell-sorting flow cytometer and a storage phosphor imager for environmental and biological studies at Florida International University.
0079641 Florida International U Saxena $224,025
Acquisition of x-ray diffraction equipment for study of matter at high-pressure and temperature for geophysical and materials science applications
0079649 Florida State U Fajer $776,874
Consortium for the Acquisition of a W-band Electron Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
0079589 Georgia Inst of Tech - Research Corp Frost $301,807
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Non-Contact Multi-Scale Material Response Measurement
0079678 Georgia Inst of Tech - Research Corp Whetten $485,083
Collaborative development of a heavy-ion trap electron diffractometer for structure determination of nanoparticles, biomolecular assemblies, and aerosol particles
0079721 Georgia State U - Research Fdn Ghazi $287,099
Acquisition of a Laser Ablation Single Collector High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
0079505 Georgia, U of - Research Fdn Farmer $683,963
Acquisition of an Analytical TEM and CryoSEM unit
0079840 Hampton U Gasparian $970,205
Development of a High Resolution Detection System for the Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime at JLab
0079604 Illinois, U of - Chicago Gettins $1,505,000
Acquisition of an 800MHz NMR spectrometer for structural biology
0079800 Illinois, U of - Urbana-Champaign Huang $753,000
LIVE: Laboratory for Immersive Virtual Experiments
0079735 Illinois, U of - Urbana-Champaign Hertzog $370,000
Collaborative Research: The MuLan Project-Development of instrumentation for a new high-precision determination of the Fermi coupling constant
0079468 Indiana U - Bloomington Kidd $157,319
Acquisition of Acoustical Instrumentation and Computer Systems for Research in Hearing and Speech Sciences
0079742 Iowa State U Gordon $312,891
Development of Effective Tools for Cluster Computing and Applications to Problems in Materials Chemistry and Physics
0079674 Johns Hopkins U Katz $662,913
Instrumentation for Large Scale Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry with a Sample Volume of 25x25x25 cm^3, 500^3 Velocity Vectors and High Speed Data Processing System
0079539 Kansas State U Shah $118,860
Acquisition of Five Controlled Environment Chambers for Plant Research
0079282 Kansas, U of - Center for Research Bowman-James $223,755
Acquisition of an X-Ray Diffractometer with CCD Detector for Small Molecule Diffractometry
0079397 Lehigh U DuPont $340,500
'Acquisition of a Solid Freeform Fabrication Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research and Education in Manufacturing through an University/Industry Consortium'
0079650 Louisville, U of - Research Fdn Walsh $333,000
Implementation of Deep Reactive Ion Etching Technology for the Advancement of MEMS and Micro/nanotechnology Research at the University of Louisville
0079625 Marist College Kepner $96,083
Acquisition of Microbial Ecology Instrumentation to Improve Science Education at Marist College
0079518 Maryland, U of - College Park Wolniak $210,545
A Fluorescence Deconvolution Microscope at the Univ. of MD
0079217 Massachusetts Inst of Tech Schmidt $301,000
Acquisition of a Cluster Tool for Si-based Heteroepitaxy and Research on Electronics, Photonics, and Microelectromechanical Device Technologies
0079583 Massachusetts Inst of Tech Ram $175,000
Development of: High Resolution, High Sensitivity Scanning Josephson Junction Microscope
0070319 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Imperiali $199,710
Development of Multi-User Facility for the Study of Complex Macromolecular Systems
0079804 Mayo Foundation Fatemi $245,462
Acquisition of Low Level Sound and Vibration Measurements System
0079546 Memphis, U of Mishra $157,756
Acquisition of atomic force microscope and transmission electron sample preparation equipment to enhance materials science research activity
0079722 Miami, U of Brown $400,000
Acquisition of Shipboard Instrumentation by the EAGLE Consortium for Interdisciplinary Geosciences Research and Research Training Aboard Explorer of the Seas
0079573 Michigan State U Ostrom $262,260
Aquisition of stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers
0079578 Michigan State U Kanatzidis $1,120,000
Acquisition of a 200kV Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope
0079566 Michigan Tech U Pregitzer $625,891
The movement of elements through ecosystems: Major research instrumentation for the integration of research and education.
0079469 Michigan Tech U Van Dam $490,820
The Acquisition of Instrumentation for Microstructural Characterization of Materials that are Non-Conductive or Include Volatile Phases
0079246 Minnesota, U of - Duluth McManus $114,778
Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer and a Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulfur analyzer for geochemical research at the Large Lakes Observatory
0079864 Minnesota, U of - St. Paul Schmidt-Dannert $668,009
Acquisition of instrumentation for automated cell screening and characterization
0079827 Minnesota, U of - Twin Cities Karato $542,500
High Pressure Established Facility for Study of Dynamic Processes in Earth's Interior
0079542 Mississippi, U of Holland $386,371
Acquisition of instrumentation for development of a laboratory in environmental biogeochemistry and groundwater analyses
0070359 Missouri, U of - Columbia VanDoren $185,000
A Multi-User 600 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Structural Biology
0079404 Missouri, U of Leu $431,401
Development of a Virtual and Augmented Reality System for Research in Intelligent Design and Manufacturing
0079789 Montana State U Costerton $515,591
Development of an ultra-miniature confocal laser scanning microscope
0079558 Montana State U Grimsrud $421,400
Acquisition of Mass Spectrometry Equipment for Insitu Measurements of Trace-level Organic Compounds in the Ambient Atmosphere
0079265 Montana, U of Kukuk $128,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Research in Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics
0079533 Mount Holyoke College Decatur $68,322
Acquisition of a circular dichroism spectrometer
0079750 Nebraska, U of - Lincoln Harbison $615,000
Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0079486 Nevada, U of - Desert Research Inst Borys $234,357
Acquisition of New Instrumentation for Atmospheric Aerosol Research at Storm Peak Laboratory
0079525 New Hampshire, U of Miller $101,227
Acquisition of a High-Performance Computing Cluster for Solar-Terrestrial Research
0079482 New Jersey Inst of Tech - Fdn Rimmele $1,002,606
MRI: Development of High Order Solar Adaptive Optics
0079820 New Mexico State U Nishiguchi $118,750
Enhancement for Research and Teaching capabilities in Ecological, Environmental and Evolutionary Biology
0079196 New York U Majda $186,250
Acquisition of a Clustered Workstation Computing Environment for Advancing Research and Education in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences using General Circulation Models
0078776 North Carolina State U - Raleigh Dow $161,439
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Precision Surface Characterization
0079617 Northeastern U Meleis $100,000
A memory intensive compilation environment targeting VLIW and DSP architectures
0079340 Northwestern U Rosenzweig $411,000
Acquisition of Insrumentation for Macromolecular Crystallography at the DND-CAT Beamlines
0079676 Notre Dame, U of Seabaugh $132,000
Acquisition of Electronic Instrumentation for NanoScience Research and Education
0079647 Notre Dame, U of Wiest $150,000
Acquisition of A High Performance Computing System
0079470 Oberlin College Mehta $252,000
Acqusition of a 400-MHz NMR Spectrometer for Use in Research and Research Training in Chemistry at Oberlin College
0079438 Ohio State U - Research Fdn Brillson $789,000
Development of Instrumentation for Combined Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy, and Chemical Processing
0079329 Oklahoma State U Ownby $165,273
Acquisition of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
0079791 Oklahoma, U of - Norman Campus Wurman $976,782
A Rapid-Scan DOW Radar
0078908 Oregon State U Sherr $126,000
Biological Oceanography: Acquisition of a four-color flow cytometer/cell sorter
0079540 Oregon, U of - Eugene Neville $929,890
Acquisition of a 1.5 Tesla (T) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System for Research and Research Training in Cognitive Neuroscience
0079584 Oregon, U of - Eugene evan $304,528
Development of a Dynamic Helium Atom Scattering Apparatus to Probe Nanoscale Surface Fluctuations
0079432 Pennsylvania State U - University Park Painter $249,824
The Development of a 2D-FTIR/Dielectric Spectrometer for Materials Research
0078961 Pittsburgh, U of Carthew $183,432
Development Of An Advanced Light Microscopy Facility
0079483 Pittsburgh, U of Farkas $466,748
Instrument Development For Optical Bioimaging
0079344 Princeton U Miles $200,000
Development: Electron Beam Source Array for Low Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Controllable Air Plasma Processes
0079509 Princeton U Suckewer $448,000
Acquisition of Ti/Sapphire Amplifier for Upgrading Powerful Subpicosecond Laser Facility
0079496 Puerto Rico, U of - San Juan Katiyar $209,170
Instrumentation for UV Raman Spectroscopy
0079585 Rensselaer Poly Inst Gaska $231,000
Development of Established System for Ultra-Fast UV-Visible Spectroscopy of Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors
0078939 Rochester, U of Novotny $300,000
Development of a Near-Field Optical Instrument for the Study of Semiconductor Nanostructures and Student Training
0079593 Rowan U Chen $91,935
Development of a Configurable Thermal Imaging System for Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials
0079580 Rowland Institute for Science Parks $372,432
Collaborative Development of a heavy-ion trap electron diffractometer for structure determination of nanoparticles, biomolecular assemblies, and aerosol particles.
0070353 Rutgers University Irvine $250,000
A Confocal Microscope for Development and Cell Biological Studies
0079943 San Diego State U - Fdn Hanan $400,000
An Acquisition of a Multi-Collector-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer
0071420 San Francisco State U Neuhauser $489,320
Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifiers for Particle Physics and Astrophysics
0079415 South Dakota Sch of Mines & Tech Kellar $104,498
Acquisition of a Research-Grade FT-IR Spectrometer
0078926 South Dakota State U Ting $111,685
Acquisition of a Multi-Purpose Open-Channel Flume for Water Flow Studies
0079557 Southern Illinois U - Edwardsville Smith $100,000
Acquisition of Immersive WorkWall System for Campus-wide Visualization Research
0079450 Southern Mississippi, U of Mathias $638,000
Multidisciplinary NMR Upgrade for Polymer Science and Chemistry/Biochemistry
0079241 SUNY - College at Cortland Spink $215,761
An RUI-MRI Proposal for the Purchase of a Research Grade NMR
0079465 SUNY - College at Fredonia Lee $66,045
Acquisition of Storm Phosphorimager for Study of Gene Expression
0079494 SUNY - Stony Brook Longtin $207,398
Development of Coherent Gradient-Sensing Tomographic Interferometer: Application to 3D Transient Temperature, Concentration, and Refractive Index Measurement
0079874 Texas A&M U - HSC Research Fdn McCormick $105,000
Development of Brain Tissue Scanner
0079822 Texas A&M U - Research Fdn Clearfield $370,321
State-of-the Science X-Ray Powder Diffraction
0079278 Texas Eng Experiment Station Archer $130,000
Acquisition of Controlled Strain Rheometers
0079783 Texas, U of - Dallas Overzet $579,957
Acquisition of a Plasma Science Research and Research Training Laboratory at UTD.
0078990 Texas, U of - Parn American Lozano $135,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Nanoreinforced Polymer Composite Research
0079321 U of Missouri-Rolla Drewniak $100,000
Acquistion of Test Equipment for Electromagnetic Compatibility Research in Ultra-Fast Digital Electronics and Power Electronics
0079785 U of Oklahoma - Norman Campus Miller $368,778
Acquisition and Development of Equipment for Unsaturated Soil Research
0079481 U of Rhode Island Gregory $168,360
Acquisition of a High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope for Forensics and Surface Technology
0079704 U of Utah Kieda $364,167
Development and Acquisition of Electronic Instrumentation for VERITAS Consortium Array of High Energy Gamma-Ray Telescopes
0079579 Vanderbilt U Blake $234,772
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Cognitive Neuroscience Brain Imaging
0079466 Vassar College Richards $100,381
Acquisition of an Eight-Processor Sun 3500 Parallel Computer
0079393 Vassar College Eberhardt $127,137
Acquisition of a MALDI/TOF Mass Spectrometer for Research and Education in Biochemistry and Chemistry
0079464 Vermont, U of - State Agricultural College Hayden $121,207
Development of a State-of-the-Art Physical Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling Facility
0079770 Villanova U Cassel $104,551
Web Host Access Tools
0079587 Virginia Commonwealth U Morkoc $100,000
Acquistion of Instrumentation for Stress Effects on the Electrical Properties of Group III-Nitride Modulation Doped Heterostructures
0079638 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U. Simpson $210,074
Development of a Three-differential-velocity-component Fiber-optic Laser-Doppler Velocimeter for Measuring the Instantaneous Rate-of-strain and Vorticity for Turbulent Flows
0079639 Virginia, U of - Main Campus Walker $449,905
Development of a Next-Generation Ultrasound Research Platform
0079774 Washington State U Dickinson $357,759
Acquisition of a Tunable, Ultrafast Laser Facility for Studies in Materials Science and Chemistry
0079655 West Virginia U Lederman $196,500
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe Microscope for Temperature-Dependent, Nanometer Scale Surface Characterization
0079796 Wisconsin, U of - Eau Claire McEllistrem $138,357
Acquisition of an ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope for the study of surface chemistry and surface physics
0079387 Wisconsin, U of - Madison Markley $1,032,990
Acquisition of a 900 MHz NMR Spectrometer for the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison
0079794 Wisconsin, U of - Milwaukee Heathcote $231,000
Acquisition of Confocal and Deconvolution Microscopes for Neural and Cell Biology
0079683 Wisconsin, U of - Milwaukee Allen $415,326
Development of a high-capacity data analysis system for LIGO gravitational wave detection
0079233 Wisconsin, U of - Oshkosh Shors $65,460
Acquisition of Instrumentation for an Automated DNA Sequencing Facility
0079720 Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst Chave $1,400,000
Development of a Seafloor Cabled Observatory Communications System
0079733 Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst Sims $547,011
Acquisition of a MC ICPMS for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Dedicated to the Study of Earth and Ocean Sciences
0079429 Worcester Poly Inst Ray $100,000
Acquisition of Structural Mechanics Testers