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Division of Administrative Services (DAS)

NSF Building Division Director (Acting): Peggy Gartner
Deputy Division Director (Acting): Hilary Haight
Phone: (703) 292-8190
Fax: (703) 292-9188

OIRM's Division of Administrative Services provides a wide range of support for the day-to-day business of the agency by providing for the overall infrastructure, operating state-of-the-art conference and meeting facilities, and taking a leadership role in disseminating information about the Foundation's programs to the external community.


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Facilities & Operations: Building services, building project management, building security, records management, property management, mail services, reception and information center, NSF paperwork reduction act management, small purchases procurement and other solicitations.

Systems and Services: NSF Library, conference services, travel services, and proposal intake.

Information Dissemination: World Wide Web coordination and administration; composition, graphics, printing, and bulk mail distribution; electronic information dissemination.