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Office of the Director Records Schedule NC1-307-82-1

  1. Director's Personal Files.

Papers of a private or nonofficial nature which pertain only to the Director's personal affairs and at all times are filed separately from the official records of the Director's office.

DISPOSITION: Retain in the Foundation for length of the Director's appointment. Remove with the Director's other personal items upon the termination of the Director's appointment.

  1. Director's Invitations/Travel Files.

These are public records concerning some of the Director's routine activities in his capacity as public official, such as attending and speaking at meetings, trips, and travel arrangements. Contains such items as invitations to speak, correspondence and records of trips. Maintained alphabetically by subject.

DISPOSITION: Destroy 1 year after the termination of the Director's appointment or when 5 years old if no longer needed for administrative purposes, whichever is sooner.

  1. Director's Official Correspondence Files.

Contains files on actions prepared in other parts of the Foundation for the Director's signature. Maintained alphabetically by subject.

DISPOSITION: Permanent. Remove duplicate copies and transfer to FRC when 3 years old. Offer to NARS in 5 year blocks when the latest records are 10 years old.