Social & Economic Sciences (SES)

The Division of Social and Economic Sciences advances our fundamental understanding of how people live, work, and cooperate with one another. The evidence and insight that researchers generate with SES support help improve quality of life, institutional effectiveness, and economic prosperity.

SES funding for this purpose flows through eleven core programs. These are:

  • Accountable Institutions and Behavior;
  • Decision, Risk and Management Sciences
  • Economics;
  • Law & Science;
  • Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics;
  • Science of Organizations;
  • Science and Technology Studies;
  • Science of Science: Discovery, Communication, and Impact;
  • Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace;
  • Security and Preparedness; and
  • Sociology.

Both as individual programs and in concert with other SES, SBE, or NSF programs, we review proposals to fund basic research, career development, data infrastructure, as well as interdisciplinary initiatives. Successful SES grantees seek to answer truly important societal questions by using impeccable scientific methodologies.