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Leading the World in Discovery and Innovation, STEM Talent Development and the Delivery of Benefits from Research

NSF Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2022 - 2026

NSF's new Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2022 - 2026 was released on March 28, 2022. To achieve NSF's vision of "A nation that leads the world in science and engineering research and innovation, to the benefit of all, without barriers to participation," the Plan lays out four strategic goals. The first, "Empower STEM talent to fully participate in science and engineering," aims to accelerate the advancement of discovery and learning and, in a world in which work is increasingly reliant upon scientific and technological skills, ensure that all citizens share in the benefits that flow from research. NSF will promote inclusion in the research community and STEM workforce, access to STEM learning and training, and widespread STEM literacy. The second strategic goal, "Create new knowledge about our universe, our world and ourselves," aims to advance knowledge through investments in ideas, people, and infrastructure, and to advance the practice of research. The third strategic goal, "Benefit society by translating knowledge into solutions," focuses on delivering benefits from research by advancing discovery and accelerating innovation that address societal challenges, as well as cultivating a global S&E community based on shared values and strategic cooperation. The fourth goal, "Excel at NSF operations and management," includes strategies to attract, retain, and empower a talented and diverse workforce and continually to improve agency operations.

NSF's new Strategic Plan lays out a vision for accelerating research and innovation. The Plan includes examples of discoveries that NSF-supported researchers have made, and the impacts these have had on the Nation's economy and well-being. It also includes examples of exciting new opportunities for research at the frontiers of science and engineering. With the support of the American people, NSF-funded researchers will continue to transform the world with their ingenuity and creativity, providing new knowledge and innovations that will propel our economy and enhance our lives.

Explore the vision and goals in NSF's new Strategic Plan here or view the full plan at: