About Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS)

IOS supports research aimed at improving our understanding of organisms as integrated units of biological organization.  The Division welcomes projects that employ diverse approaches to research addressing organismal-level questions. 

IOS particularly encourages research that:

  • is integrative and interdisciplinary
  • applies approaches that combine experimentation, computation, and modeling
  • leads to new conceptual and theoretical insights and testable predictions about integrated organismal properties, including the relationship between genotypes and phenotypes
  • integrates data across spatial/temporal/ biological scales
  • leads to transformative methods, tools and resources
  • seeks breakthroughs in the areas of phenotypic plasticity and organismal resilience

IOS Cluster Descriptions:

Behavioral Systems Cluster

Developmental Systems Cluster

Neural Systems Cluster

Physiological and Structural Systems Cluster

Plant Genome Research Program

Funding Opportunities Information:

To discover more information about IOS's programs, please click “Programs” in the left navigation bar.

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Contact Us:

General questions may be directed to IOS by phone at (703) 292-8420. Specific IOS staff may be contacted via individual email addresses found in the IOS staff directory.

IOS also encourages the community to engage with us through our blog, IOS InFocus: https://iosblog.nsfbio.com/.

Media Inquiries:

NSF Public Communications & Media Policy: https://www.nsf.gov/news/policies_for_media.jsp

Media inquiries should be directed to the NSF's Office of Legislative and Public Affairs, Division of Public Affairs: (703) 292-8070; Public Affairs Officer for BIO: Ivy Kupec

Legislative Inquiries:

Legislative inquiries should be directed to the NSF's Office of Legislative and Public Affairs, Division of Legislative Affairs: (703) 292-8070; Legislative Affairs Officer for BIO: Eric Hammond

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