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(updated December 2018)

The ADVANCE program made has a diverse portfolio of projects that includes:

  • 70 Institutional Transformation (IT) awards (awarded between 2001 and 2018)
  • 37 IT-Catalyst awards (awarded between 2008 and 2016)
  • 31 Leadership awards (awarded between 2001 and 2006)
  • 81 Partnership awards - includes Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation and Dissemination (PAID), Partnerships for Learning and Adaptation Networks (PLAN) and Partnership (awarded between 2006 and 2018)
  • 8 Adaptation awards (awarded in 2017)
  • 43 ADVANCE Fellowship awards (Awarded in 2001 and 2003; these are no longer offered)

The following is some information on the institutional and geographic participation in the ADVANCE grantee portfolio (excluding Fellows awards). Note that these numbers are different from the number of awards listed above because of partnerships and some institutions have received more than one type of ADVANCE award between 2001 and 2018:

  • One hundred and seventy-seven (177) different institutions of higher education (139 public and 38 private)
  • Forty (40) Minority-Serving Institutions and one institution primarily serving persons with disabilities (~23% of ADVANCE institutions)
  • Thirteen (13) professional STEM organizations or research organizations
  • Institutions and organizations in forty-seven (47) states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have had ADVANCE grants
  • Forty-one (41) institutions of higher education in 23 different EPSCoR jurisdictions have had ADVANCE grants


Abstracts from awards made through the ADVANCE program can be found using the NSF award search feature. Example searches are below. The search results will return all ADVANCE awards funded as well as projects that received some funding from ADVANCE but may not be "ADVANCE" awards. You may modify the search to select a particular award subset (e.g., active awards only) at the search site using the advance search feature.


Please note that the website links below may no longer work, you may want to use an internet archive tool to find earlier versions of the websites. Once an institution of higher education had an IT award they were not eligible for another IT award.

Cohort 1 (2001)

Cohort 2 (2003)

Cohort 3 (2006)

Cohort 4 (2008)

Cohort 5 (2010)

Cohort 6 (2012)

Cohort 7 (2014)

Cohort 8 (2016)

Cohort 9 (2018)