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The ADVANCE program made has a diverse portfolio of projects that includes:

  • 37 Institutional Transformation (IT) awards [Additionally, four small IT awards were made to support further development of promising plans for transformation]
  • 11 IT-Catalyst awards (Piloted as IT-Start in 2008)
  • 39 Leadership Awards (This program component is no longer active, it has been folded into the PAID component)
  • 33 Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation and Dissemination (PAID) awards
  • 53 Fellows awards (Awarded in 2001 and 2003; these are no longer offered)

Institutional and geographic diversity in the ADVANCE grantee portfolio (excluding Fellows awards):

  • One hundred and three (103) different Institutions of higher education (76 public and 27 private)
  • Seven professional STEM organizations
  • Twelve Minority-Serving Institutions participation (11.6% of ADVANCE institutions)
  • 6 HSIs
  • 4 HBCUs (including one women’s college)
  • 1 Alaskan Native-Serving Institution
  • 1 institution primarily serving persons with disabilities
  • Three women’s colleges (including 1 HBCU)
  • Institutions and organizations in 41 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico

Institution in 24 EPSCoR jurisdictions


Abstracts from awards made through the ADVANCE program, organized by program component, can be found using the links below. The search results will return all awards funded in full or part by the ADVANCE program. You may modify the search to select a particular award subset (e.g., active awards only) at the search site.


Cohort 1 (2001)

Cohort 2 (2003)

Cohort 3 (2005)

Cohort 4 (2008)

Four smaller awards were made in 2006 to support promising projects: