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This program has been archived.

Directorate for Geosciences

Multi-scale Modeling  (MSM)

Name Email Phone Room
Richard  H. Cuenca (703) 292-4733  GEO  
Henry  L. Gholz (703) 292-8481  BIO  
N. Tom  Hobbs (703) 292-8610  BIO  
Barbara  Ransom (703) 292-7792  GEO  
Dan  Wiegmann (703) 292-7265  BIO  
Liming  Zhou (703) 292-8527  GEO  


The Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) and the Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) are enhancing support for interdisciplinary research which bridges from the biological to the earth system sciences in the area of multi-scale modeling.We seek to support projects that focus on thedevelopment and/or integration of environmental models that link local, regional and global scales. Competitive projects should address key problems linking biological and Earth system processes over a variety of spatial and temporal scales.


Proposals must bridge the biological and the geosciences disciplines and be relevant to at least one program in the BIO Directorate and at least one program in the GEO Directorate.  Proposals involving programs in two different divisions in GEO are also permitted, but they must address the goals of the Dear Colleague Letter (

This is not a special competition or new program.  MSM proposals should be submitted to an existing GEO or BIO program according to the program’s regular target or deadline dates. 

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