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Centers and Large Facilities - Education and Outreach

Project Name: GEON

Location: San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego

Contact information: Dogan Seber,;  (858) 822-5409


Main Project description/purpose

GEON is a collaborative research project designed to build a comprehensive earth science cyberinfrastructure to enable interdisciplinary research.  The project develops resources for distributed data sharing, data archiving, data integration, and high-end computational environments.  GEON also provides training and outreach services in the form of summer institutes, workshops, webcasts, and scientific exhibits. 

Education and Outreach Mission and Goals

The mission of the GEON Education and Outreach program is to educate the next generation of earth scientists in the area of information technology and help them build technology-based resources to enable them to conduct more efficient and effective scientific research.  
Goals of GEON Education and Outreach

  • Increase the understanding of the benefits of information technology-based earth science research and education
  • Encouraging and enabling data sharing among many diverse earth science communities
  • Broaden the use of earth science data and products by a wide audience of educational and research users.
  • Increase the diversity and broader participation in geoscience research and education.
  • Help building a diverse, IT savvy scientific workforce in the Geosciences

Primary Audience(s) served (i.e., high school teachers, college students, etc.)

Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Scientists