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January 31, 2013

Sonic Reef -- GRFP Creating the Future Video Contest

Sonic Reef

The navigational cues used by larval fish as they journey from the pelagic zone to the reef remains a great mystery. It is possible that they may navigate by listening for the reef "soundscape," which is comprised of abiotic sounds (wind, waves, rain) as well as biological sounds. Erica Staaterman's Ph.D. research explores whether these fish can navigate acoustically, as well as the implications for population connectivity and conservation of reefs. Staaterman produced this video for NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Video Contest. For 60 years, NSF-supported graduate research fellows have made outstanding contributions to science and engineering and to the nation. As part of the celebration of this anniversary, NSF sponsored the "GRFP: Creating the Future" Video Competition. Current GRFs were asked to submit 90-second videos showing how their research can help shape the future for them as individuals, for their fields of work, and for the world. Staaterman's video won third prize.

Credit: Erica Staaterman

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