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Our audio slideshows, interactive features, screensavers and other content that doesn't neatly fit into the categories of images, video and audio.

Slideshows & Photo Galleries

Slideshows and photo galleries take you behind the scenes--in a chemistry lab, out in the field with paleontologists, and inside a termite colony--to see and hear science, in action.

NSF In the Antarctic

NSF oversees all U.S. research in Antarctica, and runs three research stations there. Visit the stations by video for a glimpse of the work, scenery and transportation on the Frozen Continent.

The View Through the Telescope

Telescopes allow us to "see" far beyond the limits of our eyesight, and to explore our universe more deeply. Tour a gallery of extraterrestrial images taken by NSF's optical and radio telescopes.

Tour of the Cell

Biology is the study of life itself. In this fun and colorful interactive, explore how cell components work together to make the dizzying array of life we see around us.

Desktop Wallpaper Images

Chemistry and materials research can be as beautiful as they are fascinating. Import this wallpaper for images that are both visually breathtaking and scientifically rich.

Advanced Computer Imaging Screensaver

Gas clouds. Tornadoes. Black holes merging. Proteins folding. Nature's mysteries are "made visible" through simulations by the world’s most powerful computers. Download this screensaver and see for yourself.

Sea Vent Viewer

Under the ocean surface, a variety of life forms thrive without sunlight, forming their own sunless ecosystem. Take a trip in the Sea Vent Viewer to explore the fascinating beauty and diversity of the seafloor.

Virtual Science Project

Students learn science best by doing it. Follow the steps of Maryland students during an earthquake simulation, as they use technology and collaboration to pinpoint the quake’s epicenter.

Engineering at All Scales

Engineers push innovation by developing ever-smaller devices and more precise processes.  Click to uncover the "hidden" interior of a micro-hotplate or to magnify carbon nanotubes to 256,000 their normal size.

Fractal Geometry

Even math that's "just for fun" can be quite useful. Explore how "fractal geometry" creates natural-looking objects such as clouds or coastlines--or trees. Make your own fractal in this educational interactive.

Nanoscience Screensaver

Nanoscience is not only transforming – it’s visually astounding. Visit the marvelous visual world of atoms, electrons, crystals, and polymer namrods through this screensaver you can download at home.

The Prisoner's Dilemma

Social scientists use structured "games," like the classic Prisoner's Dilemma Game, to reveal how and why people make choices. This game shows how your choices depend in part on the choices of others.

A Matter of Scale

The universe isn't just a haze of random particles. It has structure at every scale, from quarks to humans to galaxies. Borrow the eyes of a physicist for a pictorial tour of our multi-scale cosmos.