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The National Science Foundation and the American Association of Community Colleges present the 2016-2017 Community College Innovation Challenge

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About the Challenge

Are you a community college student who has a novel idea that uses science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)? The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) present the third annual Community College Innovation Challenge (CCIC) that asks student teams to innovate a STEM-based solution to a real-world problem. Teams will submit projects in one of three themes: Maker to Manufacturer, Energy and Environment, and Security Technologies. Form your team with a faculty mentor and community and/or industry partner to enter.

Photo: The 2016 CCIC finalists gather for a group photo on the final day of the Innovation Boot Camp. (NSF)

Entrant discussing display


To see if CCIC is right for you, please thoroughly review the downloadable Participants' Guide before attempting to submit an entry. There you can find important information on what a complete entry looks like in the Entry Guidelines section; find resources and theme details in the Themes section; and learn how, where, and when to submit your entry, how it will be judged, and specifics on the Innovation Boot Camp in the Process and Prizes section. Be sure to review the Rules section, where you can find out if you're eligible and review some FAQs.

Photo: A CCIC finalist explains his team's project to an attendee at a Capitol Hill reception for contest winners. (NSF)

Team at design session

Forming a Dream Team

Once you have reviewed all of the sections in the Participants' Guide, you can get some helpful tips on Getting Started and find out what roles your Faculty Mentor and Community/Industry Partner will play on your team.

Photo: A CCIC team shares the product they created using craft materials for a design thinking session at Innovation Boot Camp. (NSF)

Past Winners

Many inspiring innovations have already come out of past CCIC competitions. See results from 2016 finalists and winners and 2015 semifinalists and winners.

Photo: CCIC finalists from Perimeter College at Georgia State University received the People's Choice award. (NSF)

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Who: Teams of three to five community college students, a faculty mentor, and a community or industry partner.

What: Teams proposing innovative, STEM-based solutions for real-world problems. 2017-2018 CCIC themes coming later this summer.

When: When: 2017-2018 submission window dates coming later this summer.


Why: To foster the development of crucial innovation skills, win prizes and professional development.

More Questions? Contact the CCIC team at