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To What Degree? - The Carbon Cycle

Episode 1. The Carbon Cycle: Where Does the Carbon We Burn Go?

Much of the carbon we are burning is not staying in the atmosphere. What's happening?

 View video (1:00 min.)

Episode 2. The Carbon Cycle: Where Does Atmospheric Carbon Come From?

Where does the carbon in the atmosphere come from?

 View video (1:52 min.)

Episode 3. The Carbon Cycle: How Does Carbon Get Into the Oceans?

How does carbon get into the oceans, and how much is in there?

 View video (2:00 min.)

Episode 4. The Carbon Cycle: Oceans Absorb Carbon

Is the oceans' ability to absorb carbon decreasing?

 View video (1:42 min.)

Episode 5. The Carbon Cycle: The Effects on Plants & Animals

How will increased amounts of carbon affect plants and animals?

 View video (1:58 min.)

Episode 6. The Carbon Cycle: Can Plants Get Enough Nitrogen?

Plants need nitrogen. Can they get enough to meet the increased levels of carbon dioxide?

 View video (2:33 min.)

Episode 7. The Carbon Cycle: Effects On Ocean Life

What will increased carbon do to life in the oceans?

 View video (2:18 min.)

Episode 8. The Carbon Cycle: Are There Surprises in the Carbon Cycle?

Are there surprises in the carbon cycle that could lesson climate warming or make it much worse?

 View video (6:07 min.)

Episode 9. The Carbon Cycle: Is There a Carbon Tipping Point?

Is there a carbon tipping point after which consequences will become dire?

 View video (5:20 min.)