Judging Criteria

2013 Innovation in Graduate Education Challenge

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Judging Criteria

Judges will not see the name or any other information about the entrant.


Vision 30%
Is the submission compelling, inspiring, and forward looking? Does it provide an innovative or creative solution to the needs of graduate students and/or graduate education?


Impact 25%
Does the idea have potential for significant impact on STEM graduate students and/or graduate education?


Potential for Success 20%
Is the idea viable?


Rationale 15%
Does the author articulate effectively the needs of graduate students and how her/his proposed idea addresses those needs? Does the author explain how and why the idea would help graduate students and/or improve graduate education? Is the idea adequately developed?


Presentation 10%
Is the submission effectively written?


Community Choice Award

  • Entries that reach the final round are eligible to be voted for the community choice award. Community choice voting will open on May 15 and close on May 29, 2013.
  • The community vote will be held online at https://nsf-edchallenge.skild.com/vote.
  • The Community Choice award will be announced with the other winners on June 13, 2013

Photo of Facundo M. Fernandez,  professor of chemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Photo of Georgia Tech graduate student Leonard Nyadong demonstrating an ionization technique.