Across the country, Hubs will implement the I-Corps™ program in the research community by creating a network of universities that help support researchers learn how to translate fundamental research to the marketplace.

I-Corps Hubs, comprised of a Principal and at least two Partner institutions, have four main activities:

  1. Train scientists and engineers to investigate the industrial marketplace using the principles of the scientific method.
  2. Enable institutions throughout the nation to incorporate structured training and support processes in their infrastructure and offerings and develop a diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial culture.
  3. Form and invite multidisciplinary teams to participate in entrepreneurial training and community building.
  4. Revise and improve operations continuously in a culture of thoughtful experimentation, rapid feedback, and rigorous analysis, providing value to the nation.

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NOTE: The I-Corps Hubs solicitation replaces the archived Node and Site solicitations (NSF 17-533 and 16-547, respectively).