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National Science Foundation
Photo of Dr. Cora Marrett

National Lab Day: Transcript

This is the transcript of the video appeal by Cora Marrett, acting director of the National Science Foundation.

Hello, I'm Cora Marrett of the National Science Foundation.

Preparing the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers is an integral part of NSF's mission. So is exciting and informing our nationís young people about the importance of science in everyday life.

I am very proud of NSF's institutional commitment to education, through programs funded by all parts of the Foundation and the efforts of the individuals, teams, centers and institutions the programs support.

But today, I wanted to make a personal appeal to everyone in the greater NSF community--including grantees, program officers, support personnel and many others--to lend your individual skills and talents to National Lab Day.

National Lab Day is a nationwide movement to support active, engaging teaching and learning. It aims to encourage and inspire students and lend a hand to their teachers.

This national call to action provides each of us the opportunity to give to students and teachers, the gifts of our time, our skills, and our experiences.

The first National Lab Day will get underway on May 12, but it is not limited to a single 24-hour period. We have the opportunity to make long-term commitments to improve learnign in science and mathematics.

On this website, you can learn about some existing ways that volunteer scientists, mathematicians and engineers are engaging with educators, and get some tips on effective interaction with teachers.

You will also find a link to the National Lab Day website, a virtual clearinghouse where teachers spell out what they need to succeed, be it a classroom volunteer with a background in mathematics or help with troubleshooting a classroom computer.

I encourage you to visit the Lab Day site to see how you can help and register to be a part of this exciting initiative. And when you register, please don't forget to note your affiliation to NSF in the pull-down menu on the registration page.

Thank you.