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Ann Kellan

Photo credit: Ann Kellan

Ann Kellan

Ann Kellan has produced TV, radio and web features, specializing in medicine, science and technology for over 25 years, and her work has been seen and heard in 211 countries around the world. She has researched, written and produced over 3,000 stories for CNN and local ABC affiliates in Atlanta, Baltimore, Providence and Rochester. She served as CNN's science correspondent and hosted CNN's award-winning newsmagazine show, "Science and Technology Week." She also created, produced and reported CNN's "Cool Science" segment, and was a feature story producer for two of Dr. Sanjay Gupta's hour-long specials, "Anatomy of Murder," and "The Science of Sleep." Ms. Kellan has received awards from the American Cancer Society, the Maryland Speech, Language and Hearing Association, Sigma Delta Chi, and the Foundation for Biomedical Research, and was particularly honored to be a repeat host of Intel's International Science Fair awards show. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and was the first woman president of the university's radio station, WTJU-FM.

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