Committee of Visitors (COV)


NSF relies on the judgment of external experts to maintain high standards of program management, to provide advice for continuous improvement of NSF performance, and to ensure openness to the research and education community served by the Foundation. COV reviews provide NSF with external expert judgments in two areas: (1) assessments of the quality and integrity of program operations; and (2) program-level technical and managerial matters pertaining to proposal decisions.

COV reviews are conducted at regular intervals of approximately four years for programs and offices that recommend or award grants, cooperative agreements, and/or contracts and whose main focus is the conduct or support of NSF research and education in science and engineering.


For access to COV reports and associated documents, please choose a directorate, office, or program from the following list:

All COVs
Crosscutting Programs
OIA: Office of Integrative Activities
OISE: Office of International Science and Engineering
BIO: Biological Sciences
CISE: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
EHR: Education and Human Resources
ENG: Engineering
GEO: Geosciences
MPS: Mathematical and Physical Sciences
SBE: Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences