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Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)


EPSCoR has a new Informational Brochure.

RII Track-2 Presentation from the recent webinars. Please read the solicitation, NSF 17-503 for more information.

RII Track-4 Presentation from the recent webinars. Please read the solicitation, NSF 17-509 for more information.


The mission of EPSCoR is to advance excellence in science and engineering research and education in order to achieve sustainable increases in research, education, and training capacity and competitiveness that will enable EPSCoR jurisdictions to have increased engagement in areas supported by the NSF. EPSCoR goals are:

  1. to provide strategic programs and opportunities for EPSCoR participants that stimulate sustainable improvements in their R&D capacity and competitiveness;
  2. to advance science and engineering capabilities in EPSCoR jurisdictions for discovery, innovation and overall knowledge-based prosperity.


  • to catalyze the development of research capabilities and the creation of new knowledge that expands jurisdictions' contributions to scientific discovery, innovation, learning, and knowledge-based prosperity;
  • to establish sustainable STEM education, training, and professional development pathways that advance jurisdiction-identified research areas and workforce development;
  • to broaden direct participation of diverse individuals, institutions, and organizations in the project's science and engineering research and education initiatives;
  • to effect sustainable engagement of project participants and partners, the jurisdiction, the national research community, and the general public through data-sharing, communication, outreach, and dissemination;
  • to impact research, education, and economic development beyond the project at academic, government, and private sector levels.



Download the EPSCoR Jurisdiction Map.