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Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)

EPSCoR State Web Sites

EPSCoR State Map Hawaii EPSCoR Vermont EPSCoR South Carolina EPSCoR Tennessee EPSCoR Alabama EPSCoR Mississippi EPSCoR Kansas EPSCoR Nebraska EPSCoR New Mexico EPSCoR South Dakota EPSCoR North Dakota EPSCoR Utah EPSCoR Wyoming EPSCoR Montana EPSCoR Nevada EPSCoR Idaho EPSCoR South Dakota Guam EPSCoR US Virgin Islands EPSCoR Puerto Rico EPSCoR Delaware EPSCoR West Virginia EPSCoR Rhode Island EPSCoR Maine EPSCoR New Hampshire EPSCoR Arkansas EPSCoR Oklahoma EPSCoR Louisiana EPSCoR Kentucky EPSCoR Alaska EPSCoR Iowa EPSCoR Missouri EPSCoR

  Alabama   Alaska   Arkansas  
  Delaware   Guam   Hawaii  
  Idaho   Iowa   Kansas  
  Kentucky   Louisiana   Maine  
  Mississippi   Missouri   Montana  
  Nebraska   Nevada   New Hampshire  
  New Mexico   North Dakota   Oklahoma  
  Puerto Rico   Rhode Island   South Carolina  
  South Dakota   Tennessee   U.S. Virgin Islands  
  Utah   Vermont   West Virginia  


Statistical Profiles of all states from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. Please note: Iowa, Tennessee, and Utah are no longer eligible for new EPSCoR awards, but have current active awards.