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NSF Congressional Highlight

House VA, HUD, Independent Agencies FY 01 Mark-up for NSF

May 24, 2000

At a May 23rd session, after commenting in his opening remarks that the NSF research, major research equipment, and education and human resources accounts were "deserving of greater support," Chairman James Walsh preceded with the mark-up of the VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies FY 2001 appropriations bill. Other members of the committee similarly bemoaned the tight budget allocations provided to the subcommittee, which were approximately $2.2 billion less than a freeze from last year's figure.

The Subcommittee's recommendation for NSF is $4.064 billion, a 4.3% increase from FY 2000, but $508 million less than the President's request of $4.572 billion. The Research and Related Activities account recommendation of $3.135 billion represents a 5.4% increase over last year's $2.966 billion appropriation, compared to the request of $3.540 billion.

Report language included the following support levels for the Directorates:

  • Biological Sciences  -  $449,930,000
  • CISE  -  $439,420,000
  • Engineering  -  $411,040,000
  • Geosciences  -  $523,800,000
  • Mathematical and Physical Sciences  -  $802,130,000
  • Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences  -  $157,640,000
  • Polar Research  -  $201,900,000
  • Antarctic Logistics  -  $ 62,600,000
  • Integrative Activities  -  $ 87,230,000

These amounts reflect the same percentage increase proposed in the budget request.

The Education and Human Resources account is recommended to be funded at $694,310,000, a reduction of $2.29 million from FY 2000 and $34.7 million less than the President's request. Within this account, the Subcommittee recommends the following funding levels:

  • Educational System Reform  -  $109,510,000
  • Innovative Partnerships/EPSCoR  -  $ 48,410,000
  • ESIE  -  $191,500,000
  • Undergraduate Education  -  $110,860,000
  • Graduate Education  -  $ 84,450,000
  • Human Resource Development  -  $ 81,880,000
  • Research, Evaluation and Comm.  -  $ 67,700,000

The recommendation for the Major Research Equipment account is $76,600,000, a reduction of 45% from the request. The committee recommendation includes $6 million for MMA, $16.4 million for LHC, $13.5 million for South Pole Station, and $28,200,000 for NEES. The Committee also included $12,500,000 for HIAPER. The committee noted that due to budgetary constraints, it would not begin funding for NEON or SAFOD, although this action was taken without prejudice. The Committee did not include $45 million requested for a second terascale computing system, noting that it would await a report on the initial five teraflop facility before committing funds for an additional facility.

The Salaries and Expenses account was increased by $3 million, to $152 million which is $5.89 million less than the requested amount. The Office of the Inspector General was recommended to receive $5.7 million, up $250,000 but $580,000 less than the requested amount.

The Full House Appropriations Committee mark-up is scheduled for June 6.

The Senate VA, HUD and Independent Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee has not scheduled any action on the bill.

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