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NSF & Congress

House Committee Approves CJS Appropriations for FY 2017

May 27, 2016

U.S. Capitol
On May 24, the House Appropriations Committee approved by voice vote the Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS) and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for fiscal year (FY) 2017. It would provide NSF with $7.414 billion, a decrease of about $57 million from the current FY 2016 level. The Committee bill would increase funds for NSFís research account, cut funds for equipment and facilities construction activities, and provide either small increases or flat funding for the other NSF accounts, when compared to FY 2016 levels.

The House Appropriations Committee approved $6.079 billion for the Research and Related Activities (RRA) account, an increase of about $46 million over the current level. The Committee provided $87.1 million for the Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (MREFC) account, which is about $113 million below the current level. The Committee bill does not include funding for constructing the two research vessels proposed in the Presidentís budget request for NSF. The House Committee bill would provide: $880 million for Education and Human Resources (EHR) activities, the same as the current level; $340 million for the Agency Operations and Award Management (AOAM) account, an increase of $10 million over the current level; $4.4 million for the National Science Board, about $10,000 above the current level; and $15.2 million for the Office of Inspector General (OIG), an increase of $40,000 above the current level. The Committee report accompanying the bill is available here. Report language for NSF begins on page 67. Action by the full committee came two days after the markup held by the House Appropriations CJS Subcommittee. Next, the bill moves to the House floor for a vote.

Last month, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved its version of the CJS spending bill for FY 2017, and there are major differences between the Senate and House measures. The Senate Committee bill would provide NSF with $7.5 billion. Senate appropriators included money for the design and construction of three regional class research vessels -- the two ships in the Presidentís budget request, plus an additional research vessel. See the Senate bill, S. 2837, for more information.

It is unclear whether the House and Senate will reach a compromise on a final CJS appropriations bill before the end of the fiscal year (September 30.)

Congress is not in session over the Memorial Day holiday.


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