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Award Search



Simple search form searches all of the data associated with an award.

From one search box you can search title, abstract, names, institutions, programs and other information associated with an award.

improved search options

Consolidated advanced search provides access to all fielded searches.

We support searches by key data fields. All of these are available on the advanced search screen.

consolidated advanced search box


View results in text or table formats, sortable by eight key fields.

Choose how you want to see your search results. You can customize the columns that appear in table view, and you can sort the results by title, award number and other key fields.

table and list view toggle

Refine search results by state, NSF organization and other fields.

Every results page allows you to filter your search results by state, country, NSF organization, and award amount and type.

refine search options


A wide range of export options including plain text.

Export up to 3000 results immediately in CSV, XML, Excel, or Text formats. You can also request an export of searches resulting in more than 3000 awards; you will receive an email with a link to download your data once processing is completed.

export options choices

Downloadable files containing XML data for all awards made in a given fiscal year.

The NSF fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. You can download a zipped file containing an XML export of all awards made in a given fiscal year.

download award data

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