Phase III: Award Processing

Grants and Agreements Officer Conducts Business Review

step 8An NSF Grants and Agreements Officer in the Division of Grants and Agreements (DGA) reviews the recommendation from the Program for business, financial and policy implications and the processing and issuance of a grant or cooperative agreement. DGA generally makes awards to academic institutions within 30 days after the program division/office makes its recommendation. Grants to organizations that have not received an NSF award within the preceding five years, or involving special situations (such as coordination with another Federal agency or a private funding source), cooperative agreements, and other unusual arrangements may require additional review and processing time.

Only an appointed NSF Grants and Agreements Officer may make commitments, obligations or awards on behalf of NSF or authorize the expenditure of funds. No commitment on the part of NSF or the Government should be inferred from technical or budgetary discussions with an NSF Program Officer. For more information, see PAPPG Chapter III.E, Funding Recommendation.

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Grants and Agreements Officer Notifies Organization of Award Decision

step 9NSF awards are electronically signed by a Grants & Agreements Officer, and transmitted to the organization via e-mail. In addition to the e-mail notification, grantees may access their NSF awards via FastLane. Sponsored projects offices are able to view, print, and/or download NSF awards for their organizations. Information on the contents of an NSF award is contained in PAPPG Chapter VI.B.

View the Merit Review Process Illustration