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About Mathematical Sciences (DMS)

The Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) supports a wide range of projects aimed at developing and exploring the properties and applications of mathematical structures. Most of these projects are those awarded to single investigators or small groups of investigators working with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Programs such as Mathematical Sciences Infrastructure handle activities that fall outside this mode.

More Information

For further information about the disciplinary programs described in this section, write to the Division of Mathematical Sciences, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 1025, Arlington, VA 22230; or contact the division by telephone, (703) 292-8870

DMS announces new funding opportunities via an automated e-mail server. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to

In the text of the message, put the following command:

subscribe dmsnews [your name]

For example,

subscribe dmsnews John Smith
(Information on how to cancel a subscription is included in each mailing.)

Home Page Image Credits

The Division of Mathematical Sciences is grateful to the artists for allowing use of their artwork on the DMS home page. This image by Luc Benard is entitled "Kuen Surface." For more information, please see the Virtual Math Museum.