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Harnessing the Data Revolution

Engaging NSF's research community in the pursuit of fundamental research in data science and engineering, the development of a cohesive, federated, national-scale approach to research data infrastructure, and the development of a 21st-century data-capable workforce.

Imagine a day when there is real-time sensing/computation of observational data from the atmosphere, land and water, enhancing our ability to:

  • Detect tornadoes and other hazardous weather with pinpoint accuracy
  • Predict severe storm tracks with real-time data assimilation into tuned, validated models
  • Warn and respond using personalized data of human activity, context
  • Optimize weather-dependent logistics, transportation.

This is just one example of the power of harnessing the data revolution in just one area (atmospheric sensing) in just one science directorate. The power of harnessing the data revolution plays out over and over again in areas from chemistry to biology to astronomy to physics to engineered systems like Internet of Things (IoT), to education and more.

There are three principal components of the Harnessing the Data Revolution big idea:

  • Research - across all NSF Directorates
  • Educational pathways - Innovations grounded in an education-research-based framework
  • Advanced cyberinfrastructure - accelerating data-intensive research.




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