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I-Corps™ Curriculum and Resources

The NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) curriculum is built on a special, accelerated version of Stanford University's Lean LaunchPad course with additional elements designed just for I-Corps grantees.

All I-Corps Team members will be required to attend a kick-off workshop at an I-Corps Node, to join a series of web-based lectures, and to present their business pitches at a meeting of I-Corps grantees.

All I-Corps Team members also are expected to invest significant time and effort in their projects outside of the university/laboratory environment.

I-Corps National Innovation Network

Map of National Innovation Network

I-Corps Data Summary, Fiscal Years 2011-2016*

43 courses
905 teams
2,908 individuals
217 universities
361 companies
$30.8M raised from private sources
$103M total raised
~14% of participants develop curricula based on I-Corps after the course
98% positive influence on Entrepreneurial Lead/Principal Investigator in career and research
54% have new collaborations with industry
28% have new collaborations with government
26% have new collaborations with investors as a result of the I-Corps award.

*This data was pulled in February 2017.

Program Pages, FAQs & Factsheets

Teams Solicitation, Teams FAQ and Teams Postcard (PDF, 642 KB)

Sites Solicitation

Nodes Solicitation


VentureWell guides and facilitates the National Innovation Network by connecting hundreds of NSF-funded researchers from I-Corps Teams, I-Corps Nodes, and I-Corps Sites to a national pipeline of collaborators, mentors and partners, and providing them with cutting-edge tools and educational resources to form successful startups and commercialize their products.

Read course material, success stories and more about the National Innovation Network on the VentureWell website.

Further Reading

Blank, Steven. The Four Steps to the Epiphany. 2005. Steve Blank's book provides step-by-step strategy for any new company or product, including organizing sales, marketing, and product development.

Blank, Steven and Bob Dorf. The Startup Owner's Manual. 2012. This books takes companies through each stage of the customer development process.