Dr. Corinna Lathan poses with CosmoBotTM, an "alien" space robot that her firm designed to be used in therapy and educational applications for children with disabilities. Children with disabilities will be able to meet educational or therapeutic goals using the toy in various applications that can be configured by teachers, therapists and parents. The CosmoBotTM system is being developed with motivation in mind so that the therapist can focus on providing quality therapy rather than just trying to make therapy fun.

CosmoBot(TM)'s wheels can move forward, backward, left, and right, its arms can move up, down, together, and apart, and its head can move up and down ("yes"), left and right ("no"), and any combination of the two. CosmoBotTM's mouth also moves. The robot's arms, head, and mouth can be programmed to move to any position within their specified ranges of motion.

** Photo Credit: AnthroTronix, Inc.; National Science Foundation

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