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More Resources

The following websites provide more information about the National Medal of Science.

Public Law 86-209

Text of the original public law.

National Science & Technology Medals Foundation

Website of the nonprofit organization established to support the National Medals.

The President's Committee on the National Medal of Science

List of current committee members.

Nomination Information for the National Medal of Science

Background informaiton, elibibility, award selection considerations, and nomination and letters of support requirements.

National Medal of Science Laureates

Search or select a list of all recipients.

Medal of Science

NSF Fact Sheet

President Obama Honors Nation's Top Scientists and Innovators, Dec. 21, 2012

White House Press Release

President Obama Awards Nation's Top Scientists and Innovators Highest Honor, Feb. 1, 2013

NSF Press Release and Video Clips

President Obama presents the National Medals of Science, National Medals of Technology and Innovation, Nov. 24, 2014

NSF Press Release

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