Matthew Malkan


Matthew Malkan

Ph.D. Astronomy, California Institute of Technology
C.P.G.S. Physics, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
M.A. Physics, Harvard University
B.A. Astronomy, Harvard University


Matthew A. Malkan is currently a Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California Los Angeles. He makes multi-wavelength observations across the electromagnetic spectrum and measures very distant galaxies and how they have evolved across cosmic time, including the build-up of their stars, their heavy elements, and their giant black holes. He has authored or co-authored 500 articles in scientific journals.

Malkan is a frequent scientific reviewer for NSF, NASA and other international agencies, including competitions for prize fellowships, and observing time with ground- and space-based telescopes. He is active in science outreach, including work in local K-12 schools, film projects, and programs for radio and television.

Malkan served as a Vice President in the International Astronomical Union from 2015-2019. He received a Presidential Young Investigator Award and has been an international visiting scholar sponsored by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, and the Fundacion Mexico Estados-Unidos para la Ciencia.

He is a member of the National Science Board’s class of 2020-2026.